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Your capacity to loveis your capacity to experience the I of another. (Quote by - Walter Starcke)

We can help a person to be himself by our own willingness to steep ourselves temporarily in his world, in his private feelings and experiences. By our affirmation of the person as he is, we give him support and strength to take the next step in his own growth. (Quote by - Clark Moustakas)

To recognize anothers inwardnessis to have seen the sacred. (Quote by - Peter Koestenbaum)

We boast our emancipation from many superstitions; but if we have broken any idols, it is through a transfer of idolatry. (Quote by - Ursula LeGuin)

Her confusion grew. She didn't know what to paint other than landscapes, and they did nothing to inspire her.I was always desperate, Time was passing .Then Trey Friedman, a mentor, said, 'Just paint. (Quote by - Frank Mullins)

Successful people turn everyone who can help them into sometime mentors!(Quote by - John Crosby)

I was a child that both my parents wanted.I was told from the time I was born that I was totally satisfactory.I had a chance to be what I wanted to be. (Quote by - Margaret Mead)

The relationship with Atlantic Records was always a personal one. Our friend and mentor, Ahmet Ertegun, was our main contact at Atlantic and our relationship was based on mutual respect. He is a fine musician, singer and producer. (Quote by - Graham Nash)

My success was due to good luck, hard work, and support and advice from friends and mentors. But most importantly, it depended on me to keep trying after I had failed. (Quote by - Mark Warner)

In homes which cradle imminence there are strong tendenciesto build directly on personal strengths, talents, and aimsrather than to assume that there is a large specific body of knowledgethat everyone should experience.Victor Goertzel)

A sound philosophy of life, I think, may be the mostvaluable asset for a psychiatrist to havewhen he is treating a patient. (Quote by - Victor Frankl)

What I do requires fantastic concentration...but you can't be totally alone,or you lose all contact with reality,so even when I'm engrossed and secluded,Jack Dunphy can be there.He's my oldest and best friend, and best critic too. (Quote by - Truman Capote)

This is hard for parents to say genuinely. (Quote by - Rollo May)

And if you're interested in the quality of education and you're paying attention to what you hear at Laclede, why don't you volunteer? Why don't you mentor a child how to read. (Quote by - George W. Bush)

We encourage people to believethat there is only one identity, one role,one way for them to be,one value for them to fulfill,rather than a host of possible 'incarnations'to be lived in a lifetime. (Quote by - Sidney M. Jourard)

I suspect that every writer is secretly writing for someone. (Quote by - Brewster Ghiselin)

My mother was very sympathetic.She was the onewho really gave me the courageto take my freedom. (Quote by - Louise Nevelson)

If a man is to shed the light of the sunupon other men,he must first of all have it within himself. (Quote by - Romain Rolland)

Every student deserves to be treated as a potential genius. (Quote by - Anton Ehrenzweig)

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