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Griz football is huge ... people live and die for their football around here. (Quote by - Princeton)

m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And i s difficult to analyze love when yo re in it. (Quote by - John Steinbeck)

The World War II battle cry 'Powder River, let 'er buck!' originated in the Powder River country of southeastern Montana. The yell greets a bronc rider as he comes out of the chute. (Quote by - Montana Almanac)

I s a beautiful descent in a 737, into the Bitterroot Valley, following the Clark Fork River, on a perfect golden autumn day . (Quote by - Garrison Keillor

Buffalo, elk, deer and other animals which in vast numbers feed upon the plains or pursue their prey, are prominent objects and strike the attention of the beholder. (Quote by - Patrick Glass)

Don't expect fashion; do expect character. (Quote by - New York Times)

Missoula is known for its beautiful mountains and streams, which lend themselves to almost any outdoor activity. (Quote by - Princeton)

During summer ther s blue-ribbon trout fishing in every direction, and mountain bikers rule the old logging roads and ski runs above town. (Quote by - Me s Journal)

If you like bears in your city parks and full access to winter sports, welcome to Missoula. (Quote by - Spin Magazine)

Flathead sweet cherries are ... a coveted summer treat for both Montanans and the national marketplace. (Quote by - Montana Almanac)

On the Big Blackfoot River above the mouth of Belmont Creek the banks are fringed by large Ponderosa pines. In the slanting sun of late afternoon the shadows of great branches reached across the river, and the trees took the river in their arms. (Quote by - Norman Fitzroy Maclean)

Before Alaska came along and ruined everything, one of every twenty-five square miles in America was Montanan. This much space has nurtured a healthy Cult of Place in which people find perfection, even divinity in the landscape. (Quote by - Ellen Meloy)

Just as converts make the best Catholics, so newcomers make the most rabidly possessive Montanans. Everyone who moves to Montana wants to be the last one allowed in. (Quote by - Glenn Law)

There are hundreds of miles of trails, four mountain ranges and five major rivers, all within an hour's drive. So there are plenty of reasons to bring boots and a bike. (Quote by - New York Times)

If you like golf -- and no waiting at the first tee -- Big Sky Country is for you. (Quote by - Sports Illustrated)

I hiked around town, the air sweet and dry, and was sort of overwhelmed by the perfection of it -- the old courthouse, the train depot, Mount [Jumbo] and Mount Sentinel rising up, the neon bars, the funky festivity of a college town . (Quote by - Garrison Keillor)

Missoula is one of the best places to be: friendly people, supportive faculty, a great sense of community, fantastic educational opportunities, and beautiful, beautiful scenery. (Quote by - Princeton)

Of all the memorable views, the best have been framed by Montana windows. (Quote by - William Hjortsberg)

I am in love with Montana . . . Montana seems to me to be what a small boy would think Texas is like from hearing Texans. (Quote by - Norman Fitzroy Maclean)

Montanans love to fish, and the state boasts an impressive number of places for anglers to go -- four million acres of coldwater lakes, 15,000 miles of coldwater streams, and 6100 miles of warm-water rivers and streams. (Quote by - Montana Almanac)

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