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My only great qualification for being put at the head of the Navy is that I am very much at sea (Quote by - Edward Carson)

There are a lot of Navy and Coast Guard reservists ready to join. Right now, they are forbidden to come in. It's crazy not to take advantage of them. (Quote by - Clifford Jordan)

The Navy, from early on, knew this was important. They could have dumped it in the ocean. We don't know who decided this, but someone said let's keep it and preserve it. (Quote by - Daniel Martinez)

The Navy is firmly committed to the protection of marine mammals and goes to great lengths to mitigate its potential effects on marine wildlife. (Quote by - William Marks)

The Somali government did not talk to the U.S. Navy. The U.S. Navy has no agreement with the Somali government. (Quote by - Charles Brown)

I think the navy was trying to get one up on us and trying to get us as wet as possible; we were going straight into the waves. But it's a nice enough day that it's going to dry out. (Quote by - Charlie Hill)

The Westgate Landfill is zoned for residential use. It's near a planned village. The Navy has a capping plan for the site, but it's not consistent with residential use for the site. (Quote by - James Young)

Now we own that island, ... It's owned by the U.S. Navy and all we're asking is the same thing I do in my state of Oklahoma when we have a live firing range at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. (Quote by - James Inhofe)

He used to say that his was the only navy and that he was the only one that spoke the Queen's English. He was a very prideful individual. (Quote by - Raymond Rankin)

It's based on the look and feel of a classic American diner, but with an Old Navy spin on it, a wink and a twist. (Quote by - Susan Wayne)

They are eager to learn, they are like sponges. It's not about being Army or Navy anymore. The name of the game is staying alive. (Quote by - Warren Brown)

Definitely, it's a Navy town. It's almost like playing a game in Annapolis, except the weather's better. (Quote by - Scott Strasemeier)

Cooped in their winged sea-girt citadel. (Quote by - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron))

I would have been more pleased with expansion if we had picked up [former CAA members] Richmond, American and Navy again. Then every game is a day trip. It's a little more than just soccer. These are college students, at least at our place. (Quote by - Tom Martin)

I see where Bill Belichick wore a navy blue shirt during last week's opener. What, he has abandoned that gray sweatshirt he borrowed from the Unabomber? (Quote by - Jim Armstrong)

Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! (Quote by - Thomas Coventry, 1st Baron Coventry)

They know they are inferior to the U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf, so this is their way of telling Americans .... we are not the only ones who would lose out if talks regarding the nuclear program fail. (Quote by - Meir Javedanfar)

I actually played my first game in the Navy in 1944. They needed a fourth player for bridge and I knew how to play whist, so I sat in. (Quote by - George Williamson)

We learned many advanced facets of firefighting in these classes. We learned the basics of firefighting in the Navy and were able to build on this to have the same skills that a professional firefighter possesses. (Quote by - Russ Morton)

But it?s an industrial site, and any heavy industry has its wastes and the Navy yard has different wastes that are considered hazardous. (Quote by - John Carter)

Pink is the navy blue of India. (Quote by - Diana Vreeland)

Britain's best bulwarks are her wooden walls. (Quote by - Thomas Augustine Arne)

I think they're much better than last year [when Navy went 8-5]. They haven't gone down a bit at the quarterback position, everybody's a little more athletic and I think their line's better. (Quote by - Bobby Johnson)

After beating Navy, we cannot let up and we need to continue playing strong. If we can finish the season strong, we are looking at a two or three seed in the Patriot League Tournament. We still have a lot of work, but we need to take advantage of the opportunity at hand. As long as we have the same effort as against Navy, I think we will come out on top. (Quote by - Patrick Fisher)

I definitely know that in addition to the general policies of the Navy, there are individuals on board who are really dedicated to it, go beyond what the baseline rules are. (Quote by - David Thomas)

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