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The royal navy of England has ever been its greatest defence and ornament; it is its ancient and natural strength; the floating bulwark of the island. (Quote by - Sir William Blackstone)

The Navy is looking for a Class A office tower, built and handed to them for free, and that's an expensive proposition. I think the development agreement there is probably a little bit dated relative to what you can do today. (Quote by - Chris Wood)

What the NOAA letter does is confirm that the Navy analysis is fundamentally flawed. (Quote by - Michael Jasny)

I always tell her she is going to be the first female [master chief petty officer of the Navy]. She has a leadership ability you don't see out there every day. (Quote by - John Thomas)

The U.S. Navy has never raised a vessel of this size from this depth, so it is an immense task if that were to be the directive. (Quote by - Jane Campbell)

Why join the navy if you can be a pirate? (Quote by - Steve Jobs)

We have always believed the Navy has played a part in what we do and we are happy to have them there. We are not in the business of making money. We are in the business of youth development and these guys are youth, (Quote by - John Lister)

There's no question we had circled Navy on the schedule. That was the biggest game of the season for us. (Quote by - Darryl Hill)

Navy is going to go triple option nearly 70 percent of the game. We're really going to have to be geared up to stop them. You might stop them five plays in a row, but all of the sudden, they get the pitch out there and they get a 60-yard play. (Quote by - Sonny Lubick)

The second wave of Navy planes was called back after the announcement came, (Quote by - Gary Boyd)

Scarce one tall frigate walks the sea Or skirts the safer shores Of all that bore to victory Our stout old Commodores. (Quote by - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.)

I adore that pink! It's the navy blue of India! (Quote by - Diana Vreeland)

The Navy once asked some scientists, If you had a sound source that sounded like a blue whale voice, what would you be able to do with it? ... could illuminate an entire ocean basin. (Quote by - Christopher Clark)

Now the sunset breezes shiver, And she's fading down the river, But in England's song forever She's the Fighting Temeraire. (Quote by - Henry J. Newboldt)

He loved what he did for the Navy. His unit recovered over four tractor-trailer loads of explosives. (Quote by - Bob Wilson)

Lysander when handing over the command of the fleet to Callicratidas, the Spartan, said to him, "I deliver you a fleet that is mistress of the seas." (Quote by - Lysander)

The poor taxpayer may wipe his shoes on a $3 doormat when he goes home, but not the Navy. It is, damn the cost, full feet ahead on a doormat you would be ashamed to get muddy. (Quote by - William Proxmire)

The fact is, the New York Times is a national treasure, like Yosemite or the Navy band. It is not a normal corporation, and it should not be. If you think market-driven journalism is such a great thing, then buy shares in Gannett and subscribe to USA Today. (Quote by - Chris Daly)

When we get the final answer from the EPA, if the Navy is certain they get it sunk by June 1, they'll bring it over. (Quote by - Robert Turpin)

We feel it's not appropriate for the Navy to cover those expenses, that they [Northrop Grumman] need to deal directly with the insurance company. (Quote by - Delores Etter)

He loves his sailors, he loves his Navy, no bones about that, ... He never expects anything in return. That's what I love about him. (Quote by - Robert E. Lee)

Tell that to the Marines--the sailors won't believe it. (Quote by - Old Saying)

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