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The living language is like a cow-path: it is the creation of the cows themselves, who, having created it, follow it or depart from it according to their whims or their needs. From daily use, the path undergoes change. A cow is under no obligation to stay (Quote by - Elwyn Brooks White)

A fool think he needs no advice, but a wise man listens to others. (Quote by - Bible)

I don't care what the public wants, I'm going to give it what it needs! (Quote by - Christopher Dodd)

Every man in his lifetime needs to thank his faults. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The reform of government needs to continue. (Quote by - Jim Nussle)

A President needs political understanding to run the government, but he may be elected without it. (Quote by - Harry S. Truman)

Instead of seeing these children for the blessings that they are, we are measuring them only by the standard of whether they will be future deficits or assets for our nation's competitive needs. (Quote by - Jonathan Kozol)

For truth has such a face and such a mien, as to be loved needs only to be seen. (Quote by - John Dryden)

Every man needs slaves like he needs clean air. To rule is to breathe, is it not? And even the most disenfranchised get to breathe. The lowest on the social scale have their spouses or their children. (Quote by - Albert Camus)

If a patron buys from an artist who needs money, the patron then makes himself equal to the artist; he is building art into the world; he creates. (Quote by - Ezra Pound)

Anyone who cannot come to terms with his life while he is alive needs one hand to ward off a little his despair over his fate... but with his other hand he can note down what he sees among the ruins. (Quote by - Franz Kafka)

Man needs, for his happiness, not only the enjoyment of this or that, but hope and enterprise and change. (Quote by - Bertrand Russell)

As a matter of self-preservation, a man needs good friends or ardent enemies, for the former instruct him and the latter take him to task. (Quote by - Diogenes)

Motivation is like food for the brain. You cannot get enough in one sitting. It needs continual and regular top up s. (Quote by - Peter Davies)

Today's interpretations of religion are often backward and contradict the needs of civilization. (Quote by - Naguib Mahfouz)

Human reason needs only to will more strongly than fate, and she is fate. (Quote by - Thomas Mann)

The only thing a golfer needs is more daylight. (Quote by - Ben Hogan)

All a woman needs is a good bath, clean clothes, and for her hair to be combed. These things she can do herself. I very seldom go to the hairdresser, but when I do, I just marvel. (Quote by - Hedy Lamarr)

Perhaps it is the language that chooses the writers it needs, making use of them so that each might express a tiny part of what it is. (Quote by - Jose Saramago)

My life needs editing. (Quote by - Mort Sahl)

What this country needs is radicals who will stay that way regardless of the creeping years. (Quote by - John Fischer)

The strokes of the pen need deliberation as much as the sword needs swiftness. (Quote by - Julia Ward Howe)

Imagination is always the fabric of social life and the dynamic of history. The influence of real needs and compulsions, of real interests and materials, is indirect because the crowd is never conscious of it. (Quote by - Simone Weil)

Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health. (Quote by - Carl Jung)

We know what the animals do, what are the needs of the beaver, the bear, the salmon, and other creatures, because long ago men married them and acquired this knowledge from their animal wives. Today the priests say we lie, but we know better. (Quote by - Native Americans)

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