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Negotiation Quotes
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Negotiating in the classic diplomatic sense assumes parties more anxious to agree than to disagree. (Quote by - Dean Acheson)

You're in a much better position to talk with people when they approach you than when you approach them. (Quote by - Peace Pilgrim)

Let us move from the era of confrontation to the era of negotiation. (Quote by - Richard M. Nixon)

The one sure way to conciliate a tiger is to allow oneself to be devoured. (Quote by - Konrad Adenauer)

I believe that the purpose for which I and my fellow soldiers entered upon this war should have been so clearly stated as to have made it impossible to change them, and that, had this been done, the objects which actuated us would now be attainable by negotiation. (Quote by - Siegfried Sassoon)

Either we're going to solve this by realistic negotiation or there will be blood on the border. (Quote by - Tom Metzger)

When a man says that he approves something in principal, it means he hasn't the slightest intention of putting it in practice. (Quote by - Otto Von Bismarck)

The first principle of contract negotiation is don't remind them of what you did in the past; tell them what you're going to do in the future. (Quote by - Stan Musial)

If you come to a negotiation table saying you have the final truth, that you know nothing but the truth and that is final, you will get nothing. (Quote by - Harri Holkeri)

There's no road map on how to raise a family: it's always an enormous negotiation. (Quote by - Meryl Streep)

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