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We're excited. But we're also somewhat nervous because we don't know what to expect. (Quote by - Emily Stevens)

They were nervous, but we're not going to use that as an excuse. They gave it everything they had, and it just wasn't quite enough. (Quote by - Travis Madsen)

The crowd was cheering when we were up, ... My hands were shaking I was so nervous, but after the first one I felt OK because you just looked at the judge. (Quote by - Kerry Johnson)

I'd say this is the most nervous summer I can remember. (Quote by - Donald Luskin)

The first inning or two, I was a little nervous ---- I'm not going to lie to you. But after that, I kind of settled down a little bit and just played the game. (Quote by - Jeff Mathis)

I'm a little nervous, but I'm just going to go and have as much fun as I can, because it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I'm just going to go down and try. (Quote by - Creighton Boyd)

I came out a little nervous, a little tight. Once I got up a few breaks, I just found my rhythm and found my shot. (Quote by - Alex Hume)

We started off great, but we petered at the end. I was nervous, but I got over it. (Quote by - Eddi Lambert)

I think we were semi-confident and semi-nervous. Competing against 11 other teams put a lot of pressure on us. A lot of people looked at us as underdogs. We don't have any seniors on our team and there's only eight of us. (Quote by - Tara Cook)

I'd be a bit nervous about the pound's rally recently. We've not seen enough evidence of a pickup in growth and the focus is still on the next rate cut, which I think we'll get in February. (Quote by - Daragh Maher)

He played great and he looked really calm in there, not nervous at all, (Quote by - Daniel Alfredsson)

He was nervous, nervous all week long. And this was a good-hitting team. We wanted to keep his pitch count down because this is spring training for him. But he did exactly what we needed him to do. (Quote by - Bobby Byerly)

It took me a while to get comfortable. I was a little more nervous than I wanted to be. (Quote by - Vaughn Taylor)

I'm not nervous. We'll be fine. (Quote by - Brian O'Donnell)

I know I was more nervous about Jake's matches in Columbia than I ever was about my own. And, I know it sounds strange, but I was probably happier for Jake than I was for myself. (Quote by - Brandon Lococo)

To be honest, that was the most nervous I was all spring. Just having to get ready real quick and the adrenaline was running more than ever. (Quote by - Boone Logan)

It's almost in slow motion. You're nervous, but once you're out there and the lights hit you, everything fades away. (Quote by - Ashley Hubbard)

I don't think they're nervous. More anxious than nervous. (Quote by - Elisa Zwick)

The real experts on this are the [state ] insurance commissioners, and they are very nervous. (Quote by - Chris Jennings)

The Treasury market is already nervous and we have data coming out that can make the market even more stressed. Some of the stress in the U.S. has been passing through the market here. (Quote by - Alexandre Vasarhelyi)

I have been nervous for the past six months. This was an intense campaign with a lot at stake. I can finally sleep. (Quote by - Wendy Fisher)

There is a lot of nervousness about commodity prices and whether they can be sustained at such high levels. There may be some wild swings [in the share price] on the day. (Quote by - Clive Roberts)

He was scared. He was nervous, anxious -- he wanted to know what was going on. (Quote by - Elizabeth Henderson)

Since Katrina, everybody seems a little nervous. They don't want to get pulled from rooftops. (Quote by - Billy Landry)

I was nervous we weren't going to get anyone through to the states. (Quote by - Dean Albanese)

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