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Obstinacy Quotes
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You may as well Forbid the sea for to obey the moon, As, or by oath, remove, or counsel, shake The fabric of his folly, whose foundation Is pil'd upon his faith. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

There are few, very few, that will own themselves in a mistake. (Quote by - Jonathan Swift)

Steadfastness is a noble quality, but unguided by knowledge or humility it becomes rashness or obstinacy. (Quote by - J. Swartz)

One of the satisfactions of a genius is his will-power and obstinacy. (Quote by - Man Ray)

May God in his mercy enable us without obstinacy to perceive our errors. (Quote by - Michael Servetus)

Certainly, the mistakes that we male and female mortals make when we have our own way might fairly raise some wonder that we're so fond of it. (Quote by - George Eliot)

He says NO! in thunder; but the Devil himself cannot make him say yes. (Quote by - Herman Melville)

Who is so deaf or so blind as he that willfully will neither hear nor see? (Quote by - English Proverb)

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