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Opportunity knocks, but doesn't always answer to its name. (Quote by - Mason Cooley)

I wouldn't have wanted to miss the opportunity to make those three films that didn't do well. They were really important to me, and the things I learned doing them were important to me. (Quote by - Michael J. Fox)

Unfortunately, I ended up kind of getting sadly duped, in a way. I haven't had an agent in 10 years, and now I'm doing some of the most interesting films I've ever had an opportunity to play in. (Quote by - Daryl Hannah)

It would be ridiculous for me to say anything negative regarding blacks having an equal opportunity on TV. (Quote by - Flip Wilson)

You will never "find" time for anything. If you want time you must make it. (Quote by - Charles Buxton)

Having the opportunity to fly the first flight of something like a space shuttle was the ultimate test flight. (Quote by - Robert Crippen)

To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you're prepared for it. (Quote by - Denzel Washington)

No great man ever complains of want of opportunity. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

I thank my God for graciously granting me the opportunity of learning that death is the key which unlocks the door to our true happiness. (Quote by - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

That is where the power, opportunity, and choice come from-when you have money. Money equals opportunity. There is no question. (Quote by - Billie Jean King)

When there's an opportunity to do more, we must. (Quote by - Betty Buckley)

Man's extremity is God's opportunity. (Quote by - John Hamilton, Lord Belhaven)

Many times, people attack the well-to-do people. They see an opportunity. (Quote by - Jessica Hahn)

To curb the machine and limit art to handicraft is a denial of opportunity. (Quote by - Lewis Mumford)

I was missing the opportunity to see my friends' children grow up, to have my son go to his friends' homes and be involved with their parents. (Quote by - Karen Hughes)

Somerset's rent-a-quote, Peter Anderson, enjoyed another opportunity to stick the boot in, accusing the would-be reformers of knowing nothing about the game. It is undeniable, of course, that an ex-copper from Hong Kong should know more about cricket than the combined experience of two England captains. (Quote by - Mike Atherton)

Opportunity dances with those who are ready on the dance floor. (Quote by - H. Jackson Brown Jr.)

Freedom is not an unlimited license, an unlimited choice, or an unlimited opportunity. Freedom is first of all a responsibility before the God from whom we come. (Quote by - Alan Keyes)

Subtract from the great man all that he owes to opportunity, all that he owes to chance, and all that he gained by the wisdom of his friends and the folly of his enemies, and the giant will often be seen to be a pygmy. (Quote by - Charles Caleb Colton)

Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business. (Quote by - Zig Ziglar)

I saw this as an opportunity to visit India and to gain experience umpiring in a major competition (Quote by - Jeff Evans)

One tells as few lies as possible only by telling as few lies as possible, and not by having the least possible opportunity to do so. (Quote by - Franz Kafka)

Opportunity knocks for every man, but you have to give a woman a ring. (Quote by - Mae West)

A thousand year a poor man watched Before the gate of Paradise: But while one little nap he snatched, It oped and shut. Ah! was he wise? (Quote by - William R. Alger)

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