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Parenthood is a lot easier to get into than out of. (Quote by - Bruce Lansky)

It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't. (Quote by - Barbara Kingsolver)

Children have more need of models than of critics. (Quote by - Carolyn Coats)

A parent's love is whole no matter how many times divided. (Quote by - Robert Brault)

Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories. (Quote by - John Wilmot)

Parents often talk about the younger generation as if they didn't have anything to do with it. (Quote by - Haim Ginott)

The hardest part of raising a child is teaching them to ride bicycles. A shaky child on a bicycle for the first time needs both support and freedom. The realization that this is what the child will always need can hit hard. (Quote by - Sloan Wilson)

Now the thing about having a baby - and I can't be the first person to have noticed this - is that thereafter you have it. (Quote by - Jean Kerr)

Sometimes, in a moral struggle, we discover the right thing to do - just as, on some cold day long ago, we discovered mittens pinned to our coat sleeve. (Quote by - Robert Brault)

The quickest way for a parent to get a child's attention is to sit down and look comfortable. (Quote by - Lane Olinghouse)

Simply having children does not make mothers. (Quote by - John A. Shedd)

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. (Quote by - Elizabeth Stone)

If there is anything that we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves. (Quote by - C.G. Jung)

Most American children suffer too much mother and too little father. (Quote by - Gloria Steinem)

When you teach your son, you teach your son's son. (Quote by - The Talmud)

Human beings are the only creatures on earth that allow their children to come back home. (Quote by - Bill Cosby)

If you have never been hated by your child you have never been a parent. (Quote by - Bette Davis)

Good, honest, hardheaded character is a function of the home. If the proper seed is sown there and properly nourished for a few years, it will not be easy for that plant to be uprooted. (Quote by - George A. Dorsey)

You see much more of your children once they leave home. (Quote by - Lucille Ball)

Was there ever a grandparent, bushed after a day of minding noisy youngsters, who hasn't felt the Lord knew what He was doing when He gave little children to young people? (Quote by - Joe E. Wells)

You don't have to deserve your mother's love. You have to deserve your father's. He is more particular.... The father is always a Republican towards his son, and his mother's always a Democrat. (Quote by - Robert Frost)

When you have brought up kids, there are memories you store directly in your tear ducts. (Quote by - Robert Brault)

As a child my family's menu consisted of two choices: take it, or leave it. (Quote by - Buddy Hackett)

Your children vividly remember every unkind thing you ever did to them, plus a few you really didn't. (Quote by - Mignon McLaughlin)

Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, has instilled within each of us a powerful biological instinct to reproduce; this is her way of assuring that the human race, come what may, will never have any disposable income. (Quote by - Dave Barry)

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