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I move between San Francisco and Paris... I have a wonderful beach house in California. (Quote by - Danielle Steel)

In Paris, it used to feel like you were living in a museum. As beautiful as it was, it's still limited. But here you have just everything. (Quote by - Isaac Mizrahi)

The influence of Paris, for instance, is now minimal. Yet a lot is written about Paris fashion. (Quote by - Geoffrey Beene)

When the franc was in danger of collapsing in 1956, it was the Americans who propped it up and their reward was to be insulted and swindled on the streets of Paris. I was there. I saw it. (Quote by - Gordon Sinclair)

Paris and Nicky Hilton? Those girls will show up to the opening of a phone book. It's like a big joke. (Quote by - Rachel Perry )

I have been back in Paris for two weeks. Nothing new. Life is still bitter. (Quote by - Camille Claudel)

I like spending time at home. In Paris, people drop by and have a bite to eat, or they drop by and watch Friends on TV. I take my dog to the office there, and I walk to work sometimes. (Quote by - Marc Jacobs)

The art galleries of Paris contain the finest collection of frames I ever saw. (Quote by - Humphry Davy )

I stayed three weeks in Paris, fell in love with the city, and decided that I was born to live in Paris. (Quote by - Ed Bradley)

The Paris peace talks kept a roof over my head and food on the table and clothes on my back because if something was said going in or coming out, I had the rent for the month. (Quote by - Ed Bradley)

I'd like to see Paris before I die. Philadelphia will do. (Quote by - Mae West)

The next thing that happened to me was that I, we, were living in Paris where I then grew up. (Quote by - Kitty Carlisle)

The attacks on the Paris Metro in the 1990s were committed by members of the local Muslim community, immigrants from the Maghreb region of North Africa. (Quote by - Otto Schily)

When we arrived in London, my sadness at leaving Paris was turned into despair. After my long stay in the French capital, huge, ponderous, massive London seemed to me as ugly a thing as man could contrive to make. (Quote by - James Weldon Johnson)

I've been to Paris France and I've been to Paris Paramount. Paris Paramount is better. (Quote by - Ernst Lubitsch)

In Paris, everybody wants to be an actor; nobody is content to be a spectator. (Quote by - Jean Cocteau)

It is true that the king has made a truce with the duke of Burgundy for fifteen days and that the duke is to turn over the city of Paris at the end of fifteen days. Yet you should not marvel if I do not enter that city so quickly. (Quote by - Joan of Arc)

When I was at school at Paris, I had special lessons from Mademoiselle Antoine, an actress at the Comedie Francaise, and I was taken to every sort of play. I felt very grand. (Quote by - Vivien Leigh)

I guess I wanted to leave America for awhile. It wasn't that I wanted to become an expatriate, or just never come back, I needed some breathing room. I'd already been translating French poetry, I'd been to Paris once before and liked it very much, and so I just went. (Quote by - Paul Auster)

Paris is a wonderful city. I can't say I belong to an especially anglophone community. (Quote by - Marilyn Hacker)

I'm very attached to Paris because I have a base there and am also recording there, but New York is home to me when I'm in the U.S., because it's nice to have a bed to go back to. (Quote by - Keren Ann)

With an apple I will astonish Paris. (Quote by - Paul Cezanne)

Maybe I'll be 48 and die in the gutter in Paris. (Quote by - Patti Smith)

When good Americans die they go to Paris. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

So I'm not really quite sure what Landis' plans were to make another one. The American Werewolf in Paris was a completely separate story. (Quote by - Jenny Agutter)

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