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I was to Japanese visitors to Washington what the Mona Lisa is to Americans visiting Paris. (Quote by - John C. Danforth)

Look at the Paris Commune. That was the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. (Quote by - Friedrich Engels)

It is this research into pure painting that is the problem at the present moment. I do not know any painters in Paris who are really searching for this ideal world. (Quote by - Robert Delaunay)

I've never seen the Osbournes, I've never seen Paris Hilton. I'd rather read than watch reality TV. I'd rather live life than watch somebody else living it. (Quote by - Al Jourgensen)

Prince, give praise to our French ladies For the sweet sound their speaking carries; 'Twixt Rome and Cadiz many a maid is, But no good girl's lip out of Paris. (Quote by - Algernon Charles Swinburne)

We made it known that we were trying to show the reality of France. People think of Paris as the city of love or the city of light, but where you got love you got hate, where you got light you got darkness. (Quote by - Mathieu Kassovitz )

I liked Berkeley tremendously, Berkeley was a very leftist campus. I came to love that city as much as I love Paris or the south of France or New York. (Quote by - Whitfield Diffie)

It's a terrific... you can't put it down. So I phoned him back and I said I'd love to do it. I went over to Paris for a meeting, and we just talked very generally about the approach. (Quote by - Ronald Harwood)

Prague is the Paris of the '90s. (Quote by - Marion Ross)

I love Paris in the summer, when it sizzles. (Quote by - Cole Porter)

I go to Paris, I go to London, I go to Rome, and I always say, 'There's no place like New York. It's the most exciting city in the world now. That's the way it is. That's it.' (Quote by - Robert De Niro)

Paris is one of the most beautiful places in all the world. Unfortunately, I was so homesick I couldn't appreciate its beauty. (Quote by - Tyra Banks)

I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris, and I have enjoyed it. (Quote by - John F. Kennedy)

Lunch kills half of Paris, supper the other half. (Quote by - Charles de Montesquieu)

If I look at it, it's about being able to get lost in New York, to explore the city, to have more personal stories about New York, although some could also take place in Paris. (Quote by - Keren Ann)

In Paris, one is always reminded of being a foreigner. If you park your car wrong, it is not the fact that it's on the sidewalk that matters, but the fact that you speak with an accent. (Quote by - Roman Polanski)

Whoever would have guessed that in the land of cheap sausages and mashed potatoes there could be such a change which would actually bring the French from Paris every weekend to invade Britain en masse to eat great food and drink great wine. (Quote by - Robin Leach)

When Americans shoot movies they aim at the entire planet. When the French make movies, they aim at Paris. (Quote by - Jean-Jacques Annaud)

You have people who can't act and they get all these parts. Paris Hilton falls into her own category. She's made a career out of it. (Quote by - Kate Hudson)

I appreciate the people there thinking about me, and I look forward to coming back to Paris for that occasion. (Quote by - Raymond Berry)

Where was Paris Hilton a year ago? She's a fabulous character to write about. (Quote by - Jackie Collins)

Suicide, moreover, was at the time in vogue in Paris: what more suitable key to the mystery of life for a skeptical society? (Quote by - Honore De Balzac)

Well, let's say we acknowledged the School of French Painting - the Paris School of painting as the leading force and vitality of the time. I think that was understood and felt and experienced. (Quote by - Lee Krasner)

When I was discharged, I attended the University of Paris and met a beautiful Parisian girl, Janine. We soon married and eventually returned to the States. (Quote by - Lloyd Alexander)

The country is provincial; it becomes ridiculous when it tries to ape Paris. (Quote by - Honore de Balzac)

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