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I prefer to stop today rather than risk my participation in the Games. (Quote by - Andre Lange)

The corps could potentially be a participant in a project. (Quote by - Bill West)

It's been very useful for those students who are shy and may not participate in face-to-face classroom discussions. (Quote by - Cecilia Johnson)

We believe that the all-new ES 350 epitomizes Lexus' new design direction. Every element of this vehicle invites participation -- both visual and tactile. Its design is something drivers will need to experience and not just observe. (Quote by - Bob Carter)

There's a fine line between participation and mockery. (Quote by - Scott Adams)

No manager ever won no ballgames. (Quote by - Sparky Anderson)

This is a great way for elementary students to become aware and appreciate the place that they grow up in a little more through participation in these activities. (Quote by - Brian Roddiger)

I think we are going to ultimately have fee participation. We are going to have to raise our fees to cover the cost of technology. (Quote by - Bill Waye)

We had a very good number of mayors participate this year. All the mayors rode out with regular volunteers as well as members of our advisory council and our board members. (Quote by - Amy Jackson)

She also said After confirming the electronics media participation in the accusation, I will sue them requesting apology for moral damage. But I think it is interesting case to test the independence of the judiciary. (Quote by - Ana Gomes)

We're very grateful for their participation. We want to raise the profile so people know the importance of moving to the right and yielding to emergency vehicles. (Quote by - Capt. Paul McDonough)

We wanted to hear from viewers about why they watch or participate in call-ins on C-SPAN, ... Viewers of all ages and walks of life wrote to us, including actresses, stand-up comics, parents and students. What's clear after reading the entries is the impact that call-ins have had on the political conversation on the network. (Quote by - Brian Lamb)

I've been director of the center since 1983, and our clients will continue to participate in activities to help them get out of their homes and back into the community. It is important the individuals have contact with others with the same problems and can learn to coordinate activities. (Quote by - Calvin Roberts)

This important new organization has lots of energy and the participation of a broad cross section of members of the academic, science and technology industries. They will play a pivotal role by focusing much needed attention on this important economic vehicle. (Quote by - Bill Spencer)

In light of the substantial attention given this case by the Supreme Court, I believe my continued participation would create a distraction of no benefit to the parents or the best interest of the child, (Quote by - Carl Lewis)

I think there will be a high rate of participation. Most parties appear to have decided to back the process and fight on the election battlefield, (Quote by - Carina Perelli)

We have had very good participation in smoking cessation classes, especially as the date nears. (Quote by - Cathy Bowers)

It was because he had trained participants so well that they could respond so quickly, and that we could get help so quickly. (Quote by - Cass Cliatt)

This decision reflects both a wish of the United States and our desire to participate in the stabilization of Afghanistan, (Quote by - Catherine Colonna)

Internet crime has become the new wave of crime against children, ... Belmont County Sheriff Fred Thompson's participation in this statewide task force will hold Internet pedophiles accountable and ensure they are apprehended and punished. (Quote by - Bill Mason)

I try to photograph people's spirits and thoughts. As to the soul-taking by the photographer, I don't feel I take away, but rather that the sitter and I give to each other. It becomes an act of mutual participation. (Quote by - Yousuf Karsh)

It is therefore very strongly recommended that all five of these municipalities give sincere consideration toward participating in the proposed Mid-Centre County Regional Police Department. (Quote by - Brian A. Champaign)

I work closely with my disabled participants, making sure they know how to perform the exercises safely and to get the most out of the class. (Quote by - Caterina Bustamante)

The focus should be on the players. I'm here a long time. You can call me in the summer. Our seniors will be gone. (Quote by - Dean Smith)

We've got to have something to hang our hat on. We have to have everyone participate in that process to get that done. (Quote by - Brigid DeVries)

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