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He was one of the greatest parts of the past in country music in this country that anybody will ever see. (Quote by - Carroll Baker)

But other sightings were of smaller, or very injured squids washed toward the shore -- or of parts of a giant squid. This is the first time a full-grown, healthy squid has been sighted in its natural environment in deep water. (Quote by - Tsunemi Kubodera)

We've got a good inspection system in Arizona managing products that come from other parts of the county that could carry insects that could become problematic. (Quote by - Carl Olson)

Are we going to be stronger than the sum of our parts or are we going to be endlessly bickering among ourselves and allowing the bully to basically mop the floor with us? (Quote by - David Emerson)

It is never good dwelling on good-byes, she said, it is not the being together that it prolongs, it is the parting. (Quote by - Elizabeth Bibesco)

Some of my teeth are numb and there are still parts of my face that are numb. I've never had pain like this ... I don't think anyone knows how it feels to just have a group of kids beat you. (Quote by - Christi Nardozzi)

The poles will be distributed to all parts of the country as they arrive to ensure equal treatment to all applicants around the country. (Quote by - Zachary Ayieko)

There is no electricity in parts of town, but there is food, there is water. (Quote by - Walter Rodgers)

Our robots are not being built from a kit. There are no pre-selected parts and no TA's to 'check us off' and to make sure we did our work. (Quote by - Kristina Haller)

It was a realization that I hadn't gotten all the parts of Iraq's nuclear program. So there was a moment of regret, but there was also an exhilaration that now maybe we have a chance to take this to the very bottom. (Quote by - David Kay)

One of the toughest parts of larger RFID deployments is working with readers in close proximity to one another. (Quote by - Patrick Sweeney)

Truck-based models cost less for U.S. car markers to produce because they already have all the parts developed for their truck business. These truck-based SUVs have been the most profitable segment for Detroit in recent years, so developing new car-based models will eat into margins. (Quote by - David Healy)

The bottom line is he won't be playing for Manly. It was an amicable parting of the ways and we wish him all the best in the future. (Quote by - Frank Ellis)

It's not like carcasses laying around or old parts. They've all been cleaned and looked real nice. (Quote by - Duane Zitzner)

We'll have around 150 to 200 wrestlers in the tournament from the southeast and northeast parts of the state. We're having mats brought in from Burlington and Chanute to be used along with the mat Iola High School has. (Quote by - Stephanie McDonald)

If I should go before the rest of you Break not a flower nor inscribe a stone, Nor when I'm gone speak in a Sunday voice But be the usual selves that I have known. Weep if you must, Parting is hell, But life goes on, So sing as well. (Quote by - Joyce Grenfell)

Beware of parting! The true sadness is not in the pain of the parting; it is in the when and the how you are to meet again with the face about to vanish from your view. (Quote by - Edward George)

Here in the Central Valley, we have migrants who come from the most remote parts of Mexico, places where radio is the medium. We're using the latest technology to try to help people swap news and advice across a political border. (Quote by - Hugo Morales)

There is a future for the auto parts industry, but it needs a consolidation and a rationalization of geography in that most suppliers have facilities in the U.S., although most of their customers are overseas. (Quote by - Wilbur Ross)

Your manuscript is both good and original; but the parts that are good are not original, and the parts that are original are not good. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

Basically the meters were getting so old that they weren't selling any parts necessary for upgrading. We could have either kept replacing the old meters or order the new pay machines. (Quote by - Robert Hendry)

You can look at parts of the city and say it shouldn't have been built that way in the first place, and we shouldn't rebuild it that way. (Quote by - Kristina Ford)

Everybody's going to fight for the mantle of Ariel Sharon. I think partly because he covered such a wide swath of the middle of Israeli politics there are going to be innumerable theories of what he might have done. (Quote by - Jon Alterman)

Such parting break the heart they fondly hope to heal. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

The primary parts are the wings and the tails. They are the parts that are used the most in regalia and creating religious artifacts. The head and claws would be next. (Quote by - Bernadette Atencio)

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