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It's all about perception. Just the idea of an attack in Saudi Arabia is enough to make the market jumpy. (Quote by - Glenn Murray)

It's a concern, second terms never turn out how they are sold. He brings perception of safety, but can he push through what he has promised on the economic front? (Quote by - Vitali Meschoulam)

One of the knocks investors have had is the perception that Whole Foods doesn't open stores fast enough, but accelerating square footage will change that. (Quote by - Edward Aaron)

There's no guarantees in this, and no such thing as a slam dunk. Even though the perception is we're going to add the future of the franchise at the quarterback position doesn't necessarily mean that's going to be the case. (Quote by - Jeff Fisher)

No enlightened person would deny its premise, but as an ongoing program it is monotonous, limited, locked in a perception of victimization. (Quote by - Robert Brustein)

I think that's the perception and I'm not saying it's not accurate. (Quote by - Steve Tisch)

The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not our circumstances. (Quote by - Martha Washington)

Government frequently has a problem recognizing perception versus reality. (Quote by - Bill Owens)

A lot of that is based on the perception of the future potential versus their strength now. (Quote by - Roberto Suro)

This extraordinary act demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment to his research, ... produced one of the most radical and important changes in the last 50 years in the perception of a medical condition. (Quote by - Robert May)

My perception is Northwest would really like to have those AMFA employees back because of their skills, ... to try to force enough people to go back to work to break the strike. (Quote by - John Remington)

The reality is there is a problem, even if it were only perception. (Quote by - Doug Meyer)

Never claim as a right what you can ask as a favour. (Quote by - John Churton Collins)

We expect justice to be rendered fairly. If there is a perception that it's not, the danger is this might again divide the nation and cause trouble. The country will be watching. (Quote by - Dante Jimenez)

Heightened perception is the goal: becoming more aware of how you see, not just what you see. (Quote by - Michael Kimmelman)

They're in good shape. They gain from the perception of a turnaround. I'm sure everyone's going to be looking at how they capitalize on that. (Quote by - Bill Carroll)

I know that's been the perception, but that's certainly not the case. The initiative for all of these developments really did come from the communities. (Quote by - Greg Hand)

I think the market is responding now to a perception of the increased possibility of recession, which I do not see. (Quote by - Richard DeKaser)

The perception is that foreign investment is not good for jobs. (Quote by - Katinka Barysch)

In marketing, perception is reality. (Quote by - Trent Ashby)

I was glad to have that discussion with the editors because they have to deal with the perception that the media is emphasizing the negative. (Quote by - Mike Silverman)

We didn't want the perception that it's Spring Break year-round. We wanted . . . a place that families would want to come. (Quote by - Tangela Boyd)

Unfortunately, there's a perception that you take in partners because they're well-connected. These people are here because they make a difference for the community. (Quote by - Brian Ratner)

Midas's Law: Possession diminishes perception of value, immediately (Quote by - John Updike)

Despite the reality being quite small, the perception is that I can be affected by this, and it strikes great fear in people. (Quote by - William McCracken)

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