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Phrenology Quotes
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I look upon Phrenology as the guide to philosophy and the handmaid of Christianity. Whoever disseminates true Phrenology is a public benefactor. (Quote by - Horace Mann)

Phrenology is always criticised by those who never studied the science, using rather obscure reasonings and aprioristic statements (Quote by - Dr. Descuret)

I never knew I had an inventive talent until Phrenology told me so. I was a stranger to myself until then! (Quote by - Thomas Alva Edison)

Phrenology, n. The science of picking the pocket through the scalp. It consists in locating and exploiting the organ that one is a dupe with. (Quote by - Ambrose Biere)

Psychoanalysis will fade away just as mesmerism and phrenology did, and for the same reason - its exploded pretensions will deprive it of recruits (Quote by - Frederick Crews)

The caracteriological diagnosis is a joy and a power throughout life (Quote by - Prof. Paul Bouts)

In the opinion of our scientists, has been dead and buried long ago. What they have in their minds is the popular expression by 'professional' character readers, not the scientific observations made by Gall . (Quote by - Dr. Bernard Hollander)

No subject has ever been so thoroughly misrepresented, even by learned men of acknowledged authority, and no author has ever been so libelled and with such malice as Gall, and this notwithstanding the fact that there is not one man of scientific repute who has written anything which would indicate that he examined Gall's chief works. (Quote by - Dr. Bernard Hollander)

I hate this shallow Americanism which hopes to get rich by credit, to get knowledge by raps on midnight tables, to learn the economy of the mind by phrenology, or skill without study, or mastery without apprenticeship. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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