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We have closely monitored the ups and downs of recruiting and retention trends for many years and have been quick to sound the alarm when challenges came into view. (Quote by - John M. McHugh)

We are saved by grace, not by the works of the law. But don't be so quick to write the law off. (Quote by - Randall Terry)

Every collaboration helps you grow. With Bowie, it's different every time. I know how to create settings, unusual aural environments. That inspires him. He's very quick. (Quote by - Brian Eno)

There are no quick fixes to Indigenous poverty and social disaster. (Quote by - Malcolm Fraser)

Because when they strike it can be that quick that if they're within range, you're dead, you're dead in your tracks. And his head weighs more than my body so it's WHACK! (Quote by - Steve Irwin)

We are too quick to put labels on things. It is my profession. I get up and paint. Everyone wants to put a label on it, but I am a free spirit, so I fight against that. (Quote by - Geoffrey Holder)

It strikes me that these days, clubs don't even want players who can truly play any more; they just want athletes, quick guys who don't have a football brain, can just run and run; some of them, Jesus. I can never imagine acting like that. (Quote by - Robbie Fowler)

But with carefully chosen keyboard macros to activate it, Mass Copy is quick, convenient, and powerful. Most users who have mastered it depend heavily on it. That certainly includes me. (Quote by - Robert Patterson)

Anything for the quick life, as the man said when he took the situation at the lighthouse. (Quote by - Charles Dickens)

As a society we're always so quick and able to spend money on lawyers for someone for incarceration, but we don't make the corresponding commitment to the preventative components of it. (Quote by - Matt Gonzalez)

To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Everyone's been so quick to say that I'm really thick or I haven't got a brain. People will think whatever they want to think. (Quote by - David Beckham)

He was not a runner, my father, but he was quick. I always remember it was very difficult to escape from him when he was angry. If he wanted to beat us he would always catch us. Even me, he could always catch me. (Quote by - Haile Gebrselassie)

All of a sudden I had a baby, because it went really quick. It was like, 'Oh! I have a baby!' So, it's great. I'm just having a great time with my children. They're here in New York with me. (Quote by - Catherine Zeta-Jones)

The quick success was a bit strange to get used to. (Quote by - Fiona Apple)

I get mad quick and and go off at the handle quick. (Quote by - Ja Rule)

Often as a child you see someone with a learning disability or Down's Syndrome and my mum and dad were always very quick to explain exactly what was going on and to be in their own way inclusive and welcoming. (Quote by - Christopher Eccleston)

If you're doing a large, complicated character with radio controls, it might take a number of people several months to make it and if you're talking about a quick little hand puppet, it could be made in 2 days, so there's enormous range there, and no real easy generalities. (Quote by - Jim Henson)

To cause the face to appear in a mass of flame make use of the following: mix together thoroughly petroleum, lard, mutton tallow and quick lime. Distill this over a charcoal fire, and the liquid which results can be burned on the face without harm. (Quote by - Harry Houdini)

Mindful meditation has been discovered to foster the ability to inhibit those very quick emotional impulses. (Quote by - Daniel Goleman)

Simple people... are very quick to see the live facts which are going on about them. (Quote by - Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Think about the photo before and after, never during. The secret is to take your time. You mustn't go too fast. The subject must forget about you. Then, however, you must be very quick. (Quote by - Henri Cartier-Bresson)

The moment one accosts a stranger or is accosted by him is above all in this life the moment of drama... Whoever we meet watches us intently at the quick, strange moment of meeting, to see whether we are disposed to be friendly. (Quote by - Haniel Long)

Man is too quick at forming conclusions. (Quote by - Edward E. Barnard)

Trust not thy feeling, for whatever it be now, it will quickly be changed. (Quote by - Thomas Kempis)

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