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The regime has turned parliament into the houses of relatives. (Quote by - Suriyasai Katasila)

Access line loss, relative to other Baby Bells, continues to be minimal because there aren't as many competitive pressures, (Quote by - David Mantell)

We learned at least back then he was quite conservative. He was even a relative conservative in the Reagan Justice Department, which is saying something, (Quote by - Cass Sunstein)

I've not been there for years. I have no relatives left over there, (Quote by - Zaha Hadid)

We are trying to get the older people to leave their homes and stay with relatives, but there are some who just don't want to leave their homes. (Quote by - Ramlochan Panchoo)

The relatively high inventory levels are providing some cushion to the market, but of course demand is rising in the U.S.. We are in a more comfortable situation than a few months ago, but the structural problems this market has haven't gone away. (Quote by - Francisco Blanch)

When I was 19 I started pestering my relatives who were willing to teach me. (Quote by - Hankus Netsky)

If it is a relatively small thing, like you transpose two numbers, that is less likely to trigger an audit than if you omit a large portion of your income, (Quote by - Eric Tyson)

Thirty relatives of mine used to live there. None of them have appeared. (Quote by - Gaspar Mendoza)

It's a relatively small amount of the budget as total. (Quote by - Gail Reese)

Relative to the overall statewide timber harvest, the net addition is relatively small. There is an effect, but it's a small one and it can be easily mitigated. (Quote by - Bill Johnson)

I think we're going to continue to see consolidation. Will it slow relative to what we've seen in 2004 and 2005? Most likely. (Quote by - Carl McDonald)

Jefferson-Pilot's disciplined pricing strategy and low-cost administrative platform represent significant competitive advantages relative to its peers, (Quote by - David Lewis)

It was a relatively new phenomenon that nobody knew, including the coroner's office, (Quote by - Chris Kelly)

It was somewhat surprising. The relative increase was significant. (Quote by - Stuart Connolly)

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives (Quote by - Euripides)

It's relatively easy to generate a lot of enthusiasm for Puget Sound in the short term. Sustaining the effort to clean it up is somewhat tougher. (Quote by - William Ruckelshaus)

They're paying a full price relative to the value of other Russian oil assets. It's difficult to say now that he had a gun to his head. (Quote by - Christopher Weafer)

The hatred of relatives is the most violent (Quote by - Publius Cornelius Tacitus)

When all is said and done, the effects of Measure 37 on the state will be relatively small. But for the property owners who file claims under Measure 37, it is huge. (Quote by - Dave Hunnicutt)

The bond market is at a ridiculous valuation, whereas the stock valuation is low relative to bonds. (Quote by - Michael Darda)

Some people are just now getting back to their homes and to the homes of their relatives. The bodies are still coming in. (Quote by - Frank Minyard)

It was a weak quarter relatively speaking. (Quote by - Glyn Lawcock)

I think it's just a reminder of the high price our friends and relatives are paying in this conflict. (Quote by - Chris Cook)

We call our rich relatives the kin we love to touch (Quote by - Eddy Cantor)

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