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Rivalry Quotes
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I think the rivalry has helped both stations. They push each other. Of course, you also always want to win. (Quote by - Barry Mayo)

Nothing is ever done beautifully which is done in rivalship: or nobly, which is done in pride. (Quote by - John Ruskin)

Honestly, you always have to put the teams with tradition up there, It's always a big rivalry for us. (Quote by - Aaron Williams)

Rivalry is the life of trade, and the death of the trader. (Quote by - Elbert Hubbard)

For our organization it's a rivalry game, because every year it's always a battle for the division. It's us and Seattle. (Quote by - Anthony Hargrove)

There's a little bit of a rivalry there. (Quote by - Ben Saylor)

It felt like a rivalry game out there. It was a great atmosphere. (Quote by - Antonio Graves)

Rivalry or no rivalry, I think we would have lost this game. (Quote by - Ashleigh Cole)

These are rivalries that have been going on for a number of years. They were doing the same thing in New Orleans. The hurricane brought those rivalries to Houston. (Quote by - Alvin Wrigh)

In ambition, as in love, the successful can afford to be indulgent toward their rivals. The prize our own, it is graceful to recognize the merit that vainly aspired to it. (Quote by - Christian Nestell Bovee)

In sports, we still have a strong rivalry with Portugal, But in other social things, we have perfect, neighborly relations with Portugal. (Quote by - Aurelio Rodriguez)

It's a pretty big rivalry all the way around I think. They want to come up here and play well, and we want to play well. (Quote by - Bill Womack)

Hopefully, we can build a rivalry and we'll be able to do this a lot. Make a legacy, then retire champions. (Quote by - Serena Williams)

My two daughters are now engaged in a scribbling rivalry. (Quote by - Annie Duke)

Anybody can win unless there happens to be a second entry. (Quote by - George Ade)

I think we have no apologies to make. We were in a state of global rivalry with a global adversary. (Quote by - Chester Crocker)

It was nice to get that win against a team like Skagit that we have such a good rivalry against. (Quote by - Becky Rawlings)

We knew they wouldn't go away and they chipped away. It's a rivalry for a reason. (Quote by - Bill Otte)

It is the privilege of posterity to set matters right between those antagonists who, by their rivalry for greatness, divided a whole age. (Quote by - Joseph Addison)

The general fact is that the most effective way of utilizing human energy is through an organized rivalry, which by specialization and social control is, at the same time, organized co-operation. (Quote by - Charles Horton Cooley)

Rivalry of scholars advances wisdom. (Quote by - Hebrew Proverb)

Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs. (Quote by - Henry Ford Ii)

The rivalry that exists between Jodie, Libby and Alice will keep us going like we did with the boys in the early days. (Quote by - Alan Thompson)

Rivalry adds so much to the charms of one's conquests (Quote by - Louisa May Alcott)

Sisters define their rivalry in terms of competition for the gold cup of parental love. It is never perceived as a cup which runneth over, rather a finite vessel from which the more one sister drinks, the less is left over for the others. (Quote by - Elizabeth Fishel)

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