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See the wild Waste of all-devouring years! How Rome her own sad Sepulchre appears, With nodding arches, broken temples spread! The very Tombs now vanish'd like their dead! (Quote by - Alexander Pope)

I had rather be a dog and bay the moon Than such a Roman. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

America is a nation with no truly national city, no Paris, no Rome, no London, no city which is at once the social center, the political capital, and the financial hub. (Quote by - C Wright Mills)

I am in Rome! Oft as the morning ray Visits these eyes, waking at once I cry, Whence this excess of joy? What has befallen me? And from within a thrilling voice replies, Thou art in Rome! A thousand busy thoughts Rush on my mind, a thousand images; And I spring up as girt to run a race! (Quote by - Samuel Rogers)

Fit men walking around and bathing, it would be just like being in Ancient Rome [on a footballers dressing room] (Quote by - John Barrowman)

Rome, Rome, thou art no more As thou hast been! On thy seven hills of yore Thou sat'st a queen. (Quote by - Mrs. Felicia D. Hemans)

Men, I'm getting out of Rome. Anyone who wants to carry on the war against the outsiders, come with me. I can offer you neither honours nor wages; I offer you hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles and death. Anyone who loves his country, follow me (Quote by - Giuseppe Garibaldi)

Would that the Roman people had but one neck! (Quote by - Caius Tranquillus Suetonius)

Ask me that again next month, when you're all in Dhaka and I'm in Rome, watching Chelsea playing Lazio! [Asked if he would regret retiring] (Quote by - Alec Stewart)

When thou art at Rome, do as they do at Rome. (Quote by - Miguel De Cervantes)

Every one soon or late comes round by Rome. (Quote by - Robert Browning)

When I first met Sean [Connery] he was as charming and wonderful as I first anticipated. I left Rome thinking: even if I don't do this, at least I have had a day with Sean. (Quote by - Catherine Zeta Jones)

When you are at Rome, do as you see. (Quote by - Cervantes)

What Roman power slowly built, an unarmed traitor instantly overthrew. (Quote by - Claudian)

I would rather be first in a little Iberian village than second in Rome (Quote by - Epicurus)

Egypt's might is tumbled down Down a-down the deeps of thought; Greece is fallen and Troy town, Glorious Rome hath lost her crown, Venice' pride is nought. (Quote by - Mary Coleridge)

When they are at Rome, they do there as they see done. (Quote by - Robert Burton)

Rome is the one great spiritual organisation which is able to resist and must, as a matter of life and death, the progress of science and modern civilization (Quote by - Thomas Huxley)

You cheer my heart, who build as if Rome would be eternal. (Quote by - Augustus Caesar)

Rome was not built in a day. (Quote by - Jean de la Fontaine)

Ancient Rome was as confident of the immutability of its world and the continual expansion and improvement of the human lot as we are today. (Quote by - Arthur Erickson)

When falls the Coliseum, Rome shall fall; And when Rome falls--the World. (Quote by - George Gordon Noel Byron)

Rome Widow of a King-people, but still queen of the world. (Quote by - Gabriel Gilbert)

Today, for the first time in history, a Bishop of Rome sets foot on English soil. This fair land, once a distant outpost of the pagan world, has become, through the preaching of the Gospel, a beloved and gifted portion of Christ's vineyard. (Quote by - Pope John Paul II)

All roads lead to Rome, but our antagonists think we should choose different paths. (Quote by - Jean de la Fontaine)

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