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I appeal to my fellow scientists to remember their responsibility to humanity. (Quote by - Joseph Rotblat)

As neither of these two great research scientists was able to find the solution to the mystery, it is small wonder that none of their contemporaries were able to do so either. (Quote by - Robert Barany)

I think there is value in having practising scientists as leaders of research institutions. (Quote by - Thomas R. Cech)

I thought I would reflect here on a theme most scientists enjoy recalling: the part luck played in their accomplishments. (Quote by - Edmond H. Fischer)

After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in esthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are always artists as well. (Quote by - Unknown)

Most people say that is it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character. (Quote by - Unknown)

Scientists worldwide agree that the reduction needed to stabilize the climate is actually more like 80 percent. (Quote by - Donella Meadows)

I have little patience with scientists who take a board of wood, look for its thinnest part, and drill a great number of holes where drilling is easy. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

If global cooling will come soon - scientists will lose trust. (Quote by - Shigenori Maruyama)

The great Jewish scientists and philosophers of the last few generations - Spinoza, Einstein, Freud, Robert Oppenheimer and others - were natives of Europe and America. (Quote by - David Ben-Gurion)

A lot of high-level scientists are in fact people of almost universal interest. (Quote by - Jonathan Miller)

As it turns out, social scientists have established only one fact about single women's mental health: employment improves it. (Quote by - Susan Faludi)

I believe scientists have a duty to share the excitement and pleasure of their work with the general public, and I enjoy the challenge of presenting difficult ideas in an understandable way. (Quote by - Antony Hewish)

The moral issue here is whether the United States Congress is going to stand in the way of science and preclude scientists from doing lifesaving research. (Quote by - Rosa DeLauro)

The interpretation of facts in a certain way stimulates other scientists' thoughts. (Quote by - Robert Barany)

Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had. (Quote by - Michael Crichton)

And yet I would not freely exchange my science for those of my fellow laureates. They are forever confined in their professional discussions to the small numbers of their fellow scientists. (Quote by - George Stigler)

We think that it is the best scientists working in the frontier fields of science who are best able to judge what is good and what is bad - if any - in the application of their scientific research. (Quote by - Kenichi Fukui)

Our assessment of socio-economic worth is largely a sham. We scientists should not lend ourselves to it - though we routinely do. We should, instead, insist on applying the criterion of quality. (Quote by - John Charles Polanyi)

Anthropologists are a connecting link between poets and scientists; though their field-work among primitive peoples has often made them forget the language of science. (Quote by - Robert Graves)

People are already self-selected by the time they've decided to become scientists. (Quote by - Jonathan Miller)

Through history, people look for something spiritual. The greatest scientists in the world were men of religion and faith, too. (Quote by - Kirstie Alley)

Yet the effort to inform the public also encouraged responsible public discussion that succeeded in developing a consensus for the measured approach that many scientists supported. (Quote by - Paul Berg)

Words of wisdom are spoken by children at least as often as scientists. (Quote by - James Newman)

The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he is one who asks the right questions. (Quote by - Claude Levi-Strauss)

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