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Silence Quotes
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A man is known by the silence he keeps. (Quote by - Oliver Herford)

The deepest rivers make least din, The silent soule doth most abound in care. (Quote by - William Alexander, Earl of Stirling)

Silence is the genius of fools and one of the virtues of the wise. (Quote by - Pope Boniface VIII)

Silence is as full of potential wisdom and wit as the unhewn marble of great sculpture. (Quote by - Aldous Huxley)

A quiet mind cureth all. (Quote by - Robert Burton)

Deep vengeance is the daughter of deep silence. (Quote by - Vittorio Alfieri)

It is as important to cultivate your silence power as your word power. (Quote by - William James)

Everything in life is speaking in spite of it's apparent silence. (Quote by - Hazrat Inayat Khan)

Under all speech that is good for anything there lies a silence that is better. Silence is deep as Eternity; speech is shallow as Time. (Quote by - Thomas Carlyle)

He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life; but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction. (Quote by - Bible)

I, schooled in misery, know many purifying rites, and I know where speech is proper and where silence. (Quote by - Aeschylus)

The attempt to silence a man is the greatest honour you can bestow on him. It means that you recognize his superiority to yourself. (Quote by - Joseph Sobran)

It's time for women to make their voices heard. Their silence on the subject of war and peace is deafening. (Quote by - Helen Thomas)

It's kind of like Silence of the lambs meets Boogey Nights. (Quote by - Brittany Daniel)

These be three silent things: The Falling snow the hour before the dawn the mouth of one just dead. (Quote by - Adelaide Crapsey)

If you keep your mouth shut you will never put your foot in it. (Quote by - Austin O'malley)

Before the war is ended, the war party assumes the divine right to denounce and silence all opposition to war as unpatriotic and cowardly. (Quote by - Robert M. La Follette)

The silente man still suffers wrong. (Quote by - Unattributed Author)

It is tact that is golden, not silence. (Quote by - Samuel Butler)

By silence, I hear other men's imperfections and conceal my own. (Quote by - Zeno)

Independent media can go to where the silence is and break the sound barrier, doing what the corporate networks refuse to do. (Quote by - Amy Goodman)

The silent influence of books, is a mighty power in the world; and there is a joy in reading them known only to those who read them with desire and enthusiasm. Silent, passive, and noiseless though they be, they yet set in action countless multitudes, and change the order of nations. (Quote by - Henry Giles)

Darkness is to space what silence is to sound, i.e., the interval. (Quote by - Marshall McLuhan)

Silence is a trick when it imposes. Pedants and scholars, churchmen and physicians, abound in silent pride. (Quote by - Johann Georg von Zimmermann)

Be silent and safe. silence never betrays you. (Quote by - John Boyle O'Reilly)

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