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Book reviewers are little old ladies of both sexes. (Quote by - John O'Hara)

It is good for a man not to touch a woman. (Quote by - Bible)

In the scattered settlements of this Diocese, schools and Churches are of necessity for many years few in number, and multitudes of both sexes are growing up in great ignorance. (Quote by - John Strachan)

Instead of this absurd division into sexes they ought to class people as static and dynamic. (Quote by - Evelyn Waugh)

It would be futile to attempt to fit women into a masculine pattern of attitudes, skills and abilities and disastrous to force them to suppress their specifically female characteristics and abilities by keeping up the pretense that there are no differences between the sexes. (Quote by - Arianna Huffington)

Women priests. Great, great. Now there's priests of both sexes I don't listen to. (Quote by - Bill Hicks)

It is the difference between men and women, not the sameness, that creates the tension and the delight. (Quote by - Edward Abbey)

Women are never disarmed by compliments. Men always are. That is the difference between the sexes. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

There is, hidden or flaunted, a sword between the sexes till an entire marriage reconciles them. (Quote by - C. S. Lewis)

When women hold off from marrying men, we call it independence. When men hold off from marrying women, we call it fear of commitment. (Quote by - Warren Farrell)

I don't see why I can't have friends of both sexes without wild rumors being circulated. It's crazy. (Quote by - Leonardo DiCaprio)

French novels generally treat of the relations of women to the world and to lovers, after marriage; consequently there is a great deal in French novels about adultery, about improper relations between the sexes, about many things which the English public would not allow. (Quote by - Lafcadio Hearn)

The word love has by no means the same sense for both sexes, and this is one cause of the serious misunderstandings that divide them. (Quote by - Simone de Beauvoir)

A man's as old as he's feeling. A woman as old as she looks. (Quote by - Mortimer Collins)

Little old ladies of both sexes. Why do I let them bother me? (Quote by - John O'Hara)

That is the great distinction between the sexes. Men see objects, women see the relationships between objects. (Quote by - John Fowles)

This idea that males are physically aggressive and females are not has distinct drawbacks for both sexes. (Quote by - Katherine Dunn)

There's no evidence whatsoever that men are more rational than women. Both sexes seem to be equally irrational. (Quote by - Albert Ellis)

With all the weird surroundings of outer space the basic underlying theme of the show is a philosophical approach to man's relationship to woman. There are both sexes in the crew, in fact, the first officer is a woman. (Quote by - Jeffrey Hunter)

And we reduce almost all male-female problems by working on both the female and the male. And that usually means having both sexes take responsibility. (Quote by - Warren Farrell)

The female of the species is more deadly than the male. (Quote by - Rudyard Kipling)

Men naturally despise those who court them, but respect those who do not give way to them. (Quote by - Thucydides)

The anger that appears to be building up between the sexes becomes more virulent with every day that passes. And far from women taking the blame... the fact is that men are invariably portrayed as the bad guys. Being a good man is like being a good Nazi. (Quote by - Dave Thomas)

Men represent the triumph of mind over morals, whereas women represent the triumph of matter over mind. (Quote by - Dorian Gray)

There is one thing women can never take away from men. We die sooner. (Quote by - P. J. O'Rourke)

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