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What I don't have in theater is editing. (Quote by - Julie Taymor)

The thing that I had saved up for myself and wanted most to bring off was a fully fledged professional production of Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Theater in Stratford. (Quote by - Trevor Nunn)

I am both proud and honored to be on the Board of Directors for the Texas Ballet Theater. (Quote by - Janine Turner)

All of the generations go to what is chic for them, and theater seems to be an older generation's art form. (Quote by - Estelle Parsons)

The last thing in the world I should have done was go into the theater because was inordinately shy as a young man. I couldn't open my mouth. At a party, I was the one stuck up against the wall. I was embarrassed about talking. I felt that I couldn't talk well. (Quote by - Gale Gordon)

It was considered that you were stepping down by doing television. I almost turned Cybill down because I so wanted to remain a theater actress. (Quote by - Christine Baranski)

We went to see all the shows. American musical theater and jazz were very big. (Quote by - Carly Simon)

Farce is tragedy played at a thousand revolutions per minute. (Quote by - John Mortimer)

I firmly believe lyrics have to breathe and give the audience's ear a chance to understand what's going on. Particularly in the theater, where you have costume, story, acting, orchestra. (Quote by - Stephen Sondheim)

I read and watch movies. I can't go to the movie theater much anymore, though, because I get recognized. It's worse sometimes if I wear a costume and try not to get recognized. I watch most of my films on airplanes. (Quote by - Ayumi Hamasaki)

Film and television is just a different technique in terms of how to approach the camera but basically the job is the same; but what you learn as a craft in theater, you can then learn to translate that into any mediums. (Quote by - Joe Morton)

Well, first of all I'll say that I come alive best in theater. (Quote by - Wole Soyinka)

I'm preparing for a multimedia theater piece, Airport Music, that's coming up in New York City. (Quote by - Jessica Hagedorn)

There's such a thing as theater discipline. One player doesn't appropriate another's inventions. (Quote by - Ethel Merman)

I'm obviously very keen on the theater and I think it's inevitable that some of the orchestral and chamber pieces have got dramatic elements which might even suggest an unspecified dramatic plot of some kind or other, even though it's not in my mind at the time. (Quote by - Peter Maxwell Davies)

I see only defects because I'm not following the scene as it were. I'm not following the other person. It's like the best thing to clarify this is the theater. (Quote by - Omar Sharif)

Dance, vaudeville, drama, movies - as a child I loved everything that went on in a theater. (Quote by - James Broughton)

When I was doing theater, I was very successful at believing that I was great, God's gift to the theater. (Quote by - Morgan Freeman)

I started acting when I was 10, doing musical theater. I was a brunette at that time. I was always cast in all the exotic parts. (Quote by - Loni Anderson)

I had been a kid that moved so much, I didn't have a lot of friends. Theater really represented camaraderie. (Quote by - Francis Ford Coppola)

At this point the theater America is in such a precarious place. (Quote by - Estelle Parsons)

Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater. (Quote by - Roman Polanski)

I have directed good actors and have gone through the process which is more detailed in theater in a way. You have to get people to stay for two or three hours in a performance. They need more talk and rehearsal than in films. (Quote by - Julie Taymor)

Music is very influential to my writing, as are theater and film. (Quote by - Jessica Hagedorn)

I love doing theater so much - being in front of an audience and seeing how a character grows and develops with every performance. (Quote by - Jerry Hall)

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