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Egyptians obviously went to sea frequently during this time, despite the fact that it was a huge undertaking. It required several thousand people trekking supplies across the desert. (Quote by - Cheryl Ward)

We made a dent in it, but there's still a lot more there. We learned it's a very large undertaking. (Quote by - Julian Meisler)

This all falls under the undertaking of the total modernization of the hospital. (Quote by - Karen Huxtable)

The venue is just unbelievable. There are over 200 clubs in the Southwest region. That's a huge undertaking, and they've done an amazing job organizing and displaying the artwork. (Quote by - Jennifer Young)

When a legislature undertakes to proscribe the exercise of a citizen's constitutional rights it acts lawlessly and the citizen can take matters into his own hands and proceed on the basis that such a law is no law at all. (Quote by - William Orville Douglas)

It is clear that [the election authorities] have to undertake some practical steps in an urgent way to organize the way they work and make decisions to [register] a preponderance of the voters by mid-August. (Quote by - Roger Noriega)

Pepsi is willing to undertake similar efforts for any retailer interested, provided it makes economic sense. (Quote by - Nicole Bradley)

For the second year in a row a highly respected quintet of former international cricketers has agreed to take undertake the important responsibility of sitting on the Selection Panel for the ICC Awards, (Quote by - Malcolm Speed)

The commission is determined to intervene in cases where measures taken by undertakings jeopardize the proper functioning of the single market, ... Such measures constitute a very serious infringement of European competition rules and must be dealt with severely. (Quote by - Mario Monti)

He did a great job on a big undertaking. (Quote by - Mark Faulkner)

It's huge undertaking, there's no question about it. (Quote by - Mary Johnson)

It's obvious there's a lot of hand-to-mouth production going on, as businesses are still very wary about undertaking big projects or any sort of new activity for a variety of reasons, some intangible. (Quote by - Robert DiClemente)

It was a real easy decision and not a big undertaking at all. We knew those arrangements, and those ideas would get kind of lost if we didn't record them. (Quote by - Will Turpin)

This expansion and renovation project is without question the most significant undertaking the Fine Arts Center has initiated since its founding. (Quote by - Michael De Marsche)

This is a huge undertaking. We're not an engraving shop and have never done anything like this. (Quote by - Jeff Raines)

I think it would be a massive undertaking to actually have a full-fledged tsunami warning system that would really be effective in many of these places, (Quote by - Jan Egeland)

He, who works incessantly, accomplishes any task that he undertakes! (Quote by - Atharva Veda)

It can be a large burden for a child to have to undertake a caretaker role that would be expected for someone more in adulthood. You might, in some ways, end up having (the child) sacrifice their opportunity to be a child. (Quote by - David Brown)

The undertaking here to restore this great ballpark -- the fourth oldest in all the Majors -- is really a most enjoyable thing to do. This is the second of five or six phases, as we set out to restore the entire ballpark -- that's something that we believe our fans deserve. (Quote by - Frank McCourt)

After careful evaluation, the chiefs of staff have advised me that UK forces are able to undertake the proposed operation, that there is a compelling military operational justification for doing so and that it entails a militarily acceptable level of risk for UK forces, (Quote by - Geoff Hoon)

It was a mammoth undertaking. (Quote by - Walter Gossett)

What we are discussing is what we have to do, the very clear undertakings given by the European Council at a summit last December and again this June, to lead to an opening of negotiations on October 3rd. I will say that I am reasonably hopeful that this deadline can be met. (Quote by - Jack Straw)

This is a major undertaking, and the exposure is considerable. (Quote by - Bruce Douglas)

The whole system still has to be worked out. It's a huge undertaking. (Quote by - Barbara Stader)

The assessment and investigation of all the material recovered is a colossal undertaking, (Quote by - Andy Hayman)

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