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Each situation has to be handled as a unique situation. But I think if you want your guys to stay in school and graduate and one of these opportunities comes along, you have to be willing to work with him, you have to give a little. (Quote by - Charlie Weis)

The fact that this is a networked DVR, a broadband-connected DVR, makes it unique in the market. (Quote by - Steve Shannon)

It's kind of a unique concept, but it's totally real, isn't it? ... I mean, these paramedics put themselves in incredibly stressful situations, are killing themselves to save our lives and they're not really regarded or appreciated. (Quote by - Nicolas Cage)

When we talk in company we lose our unique tone of voice, and this leads us to make statements which is no way correspond to our real thoughts. (Quote by - Friedrich Nietzsche)

It's a unique situation where you have no seniors whatsoever. Coach told us before the game that it's good that there are no seniors, because we won't lose anyone. (Quote by - Chris Holm)

I think we've created something truly unique here. (Quote by - Mark Canepa)

This is a unique group. A group of guys who come from totally different backgrounds who have come together to build a basketball team. It's special. It speaks of their families and of the character of each one of them. (Quote by - Doc Sadler)

Dynamic speaks to specific architectural capabilities?things that are unique [to Microsoft] that we do not see in our competitors' environments. These are roles based in a deep sense, (Quote by - Bill Gates)

I think that's a little unique. Not something most places do. Other places may do it informally, but not a sustained programmatic effort the way (Baylor is) talking. That's a little novel. (Quote by - Arthur Caplan)

Pella is a unique town and this is a unique look for Wal-Mart. (Quote by - Ryan Horn)

Inspired by the project's unique blending of commercial and cultural interests, the goal was to create an iconic, yet pragmatic design. (Quote by - John Portman)

When I say I, I mean a thing absolutely unique, not to be confused with any other. (Quote by - Ugo Betti)

It really is unique, and is one of the oldest post offices around. (Quote by - Bob Renshaw)

That was a very unique way to win it, but I'll take it, (Quote by - Roland Williams)

Mr Lindesay has a unique power to direct public attention on Great Wall protection. But what we do is what we really feel from the heart and what we can fulfil. The results can be immediately seen. (Quote by - Zhang Jun)

It is a unique industry, it is all about passion. Whoever it is needs to be consultative. Robert won a tremendous amount of respect for bringing the shareholders together. (Quote by - Dale Monteith)

The NPD Group's forecasting model is a unique combination of point-of-sale and consumer data, along with econometric modeling and the expertise of our industry analysts. (Quote by - Stephen Baker)

It's unique, and I think its uniqueness makes it special for employees and special for clients, too. (Quote by - Chip Desmone)

As long as the clothes are local, well made, and have a uniqueness and creativity to it, they are welcome to the store. We haven't had to turn anyone away yet. (Quote by - Amy Schoenecker)

This is such a unique place. We're 45 minutes from downtown St. Pete, 45 minutes from downtown Tampa, 20 minutes from Brandon. (Quote by - Jim Stone)

Obviously, I'm really happy with the outcome. We executed the game plan and defended against a very unique offense. We need to enjoy the win for the moment, and then focus on the next one. (Quote by - Anthony Solomon)

We only charge once per each unique customer, not for each phone call. (Quote by - Marc Barach)

He's grown and matured over the years in such a unique way. (Quote by - Fred Hill)

How do we replace someone like Martin? Well, Martin was unique, as was Neil, so it's a question of moving on rather than attempting to recapture the qualities they possessed, (Quote by - Martin Corry)

What's unique about this center is that it is one of the few, if not only, free standing black cultural centers in the nation. (Quote by - Ron Parker)

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