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A third of workloads now being deployed on Linux come from Unix, a third from Windows and a third are new installations. (Quote by - Scott Handy)

I think Linux is a great thing, because Linux is an alternative to Windows, and because, of all the operating systems that are at all relevant today, Unix is the best of a bad lot. (Quote by - Jamie Zawinski)

We welcome people considering Unix as an alternative for NT. We would like them to be sure to be running on the SPARC platform. (Quote by - Barbara Kay)

I think the major good idea in Unix was its clean and simple interface: open, close, read, and write. (Quote by - Ken Thompson)

There is tremendous market opportunity in the Linux server industry for startups who can fill a niche. The key will be for these startups to show that there is a real cost benefit to Linux over Windows and Unix. (Quote by - George Weiss)

The Unix server business is more of a wild card. They're either going to have to gain some market share or accelerate their efforts on the services and software side. But the markets they're going after certainly support that kind of growth. (Quote by - Kurt King)

Unix servers continue to support mission-critical workloads. (Quote by - Jean Bozman)

Despite our decrease in revenue and our increase in net loss incurred during the first quarter, the Unix business continued to generate positive cash flow. (Quote by - Darl McBride)

Although King is reducing fourth-quarter 1999 and in some cases first-quarter 2000 estimates across most of the sector, ... exposure to (computer-spending)

lockdowns under which Unix servers will be hardest hit. (Quote by - Sun Microsystems)

Those who do not understand UNIX are condemned to reinvent it, poorly. (Quote by - Henry Spencer)

It's not as bad as when there were a hundred different companies selling Unix. There are maybe six or eight Linux distributors we all know about. But given the size of the market, even though it's growing quickly, it's not clear that they will all exist three or four years from now. (Quote by - Bill Claybrook)

NonStop is big iron and more geared to larger operators. Linux and Unix platforms scale down much better, and operators often prefer them because they are not knowledgeable about NonStop. (Quote by - Tom Massey)

The thing we learned with large customers is one size does not fit all. Some want to run on mainframe, Unix, Linux, or Windows. It's hard to get a census of exactly what they want to run on. (Quote by - Tim Kennedy)

I think Unix is a great system -- especially for running data centers -- because it is very mature, very reliable, very scalable. But when I want to go out and populate small devices, I think Java. (Quote by - Bill Joy)

VMS is a text-only adventure game. If you win you can use Unix. (Quote by - W. Davidson)

People aren't anxious to see a repeat of the 'Unix wars' of a few years ago. (Quote by - Bruce Lowry)

People who have tried to use NT outside of a workgroup environment and seen it fail, have retrenched with Unix, ... [Microsoft's] reality distortion is wearing off, and people are making more informed decisions. (Quote by - Brian Croll)

Unix is computer-scientology, not computer science. (Quote by - Dave Mankins)

People are exploiting the situation right now. I've seen junior-type Unix administrators asking for $80,000 to $90,000 who we'd offer $65,000 to $70,000 at the most if they were pretty good. (Quote by - Eric Nelson)

Unix gives you just enough rope to hang yourself -- and then a couple of more feet, just to be sure. (Quote by - Eric Allman)

We know Linux is the best, it can do infinite loops in five seconds. (Quote by - Linus Torvalds)

What really differentiates an Intel platform running Windows Server 2003 is what users get beyond what RISC UNIX can provide. Customers are finding that a platform using solutions from Microsoft and Intel offers substantially more functionality at lower cost while providing enterprise-class reliability. (Quote by - Boyd Davis)

Solaris has done very well as far as it being a leading Unix operating system for Sun, but how much attention has Solaris attracted outside of Sun? ... You could go through the other key software products and say the same thing. (Quote by - Laura Conigliaro)

Over the weekend I exchanged email with a Unix guy who chastised me for being insular and proposed to tell me how to speak to Unix people with proper humility. Well, I only pray to one God in relation to computers, and His name is Murphy. (Quote by - Dave Winer)

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