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It's our job to determine that only the latest-dated, valid proxies get counted. (Quote by - Creig Dunlop)

There have been some valid points raised and it's something we are now looking into. (Quote by - Steve Snyder)

This is huge. There's a sense that if we win the game, it brings validity to our team. (Quote by - Spencer Havner)

At this point, we're happy to know that what he alleged to be true ... has enough validity for an independent board to bring charges. (Quote by - Gil Gall)

Numerous leads have come in from South Florida. We are determining how valid they are and then putting them in priority and pursuing the most important leads first. There have been some real positive tips. (Quote by - Paige Patterson)

It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

The use and threat of force, when world peace is not in danger, are no longer valid frames of reference for achieving the ends sought today by sovereign nations. (Quote by - Carlos Salinas)

It's a valid analysis and Lou's trusted to give that analysis. (Quote by - Walter Isaacson)

I think there are valid points on both sides. (Quote by - Peter Roby)

We don't use the survey anymore because we thought the concerns of the ACLU were valid. (Quote by - Chris Plante)

Our results validate the expectations we have when we acquired the business and reinforced our convictions that we have a model for ongoing profitability. (Quote by - Yang Yuanqing)

We proved they were valid. By linking computerized sleuthing to laboratory experiments to confirm those findings, we expect to be able to eventually fill in many blanks in human protein-protein interactions. (Quote by - Akhilesh Pandey)

It seemed to me from the get-go, he wanted to find that this was not a taxonomically valid subspecies. (Quote by - Eric Hallerman)

The card is not valid once you sign up for a plan. (Quote by - Gary Karr)

The adjustments we have made to the transaction in no way diminish the validity of this strategy. (Quote by - John Sunderland)

We believe the auditor raised many valid points last year, and we have given his recommendations significant consideration. As a result, we have made more than 100 operational changes that we believe will be reflected in the next audit. (Quote by - Justin DeJong)

We have no credible or reliable information that it's valid, ... We contacted our county gang unit, the State Police gang unit, and they have no information to verify this. (Quote by - William Bailey)

Frankly it does not sit very comfortably with us because we are raising this issue for the very valid reasons we have outlined. (Quote by - Chris Moller)

We probably won't have a hard count until the end of September. The State Department has to validate every signature from every county. That takes time. (Quote by - Karen Johnson)

If the prosecutor permitted him to leave it's because he realizes there is no validity to the charging document. (Quote by - Mario Joseph)

We protect the viewing of the profile to only students or other people with valid e-mail addresses from those universities. (Quote by - Chris Daly)

It was a close game. It validated the fact that we should be beating these teams. (Quote by - Jim Singleton)

I've got to pinch myself to see if this is real. This kind of validates the program now. It kind of validates a coaching career, too, I guess. (Quote by - Brad Randall)

The idea of pushing countries around isn't valid, it doesn't work. The U.S. has to produce products that are desired in other markets. (Quote by - Charles Martin)

BPB may have a valid point and they may be able to get a higher bid. The chances are they'll talk to each other and come up with a price. The fit is clear. (Quote by - Hilary Cook)

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