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Validity Quotes
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If you're below (40), the rationale is that you don't have a statistically valid number. But we are still accountable for students' growth. (Quote by - Jim Hamilton)

Unlikely a valid trademark. ... The mark is a weak one as trademarks go. (Quote by - Denny Chin)

The Liberty Alliance validates the Passport model, which gives the industry the choice and control they need, ... If they're sincere, they'll probably want to work with us. (Quote by - Chris Payne)

While Cindy Meyers, our county clerk, is -- the best way to put it -- validating the signatures, the board can't reduce themselves. (Quote by - Sabrina Davis)

We know the concept of 'pull-ahead' is a valid concept, but the question is, what's the magnitude?(Quote by - George Pipas)

To say we shouldn't use it because there may be a shortage once in awhile isn't a valid argument. (Quote by - Paul Harrison)

We want to see what his line of reasoning was and if it's a valid argument, then perhaps the dollar sells off. If his comments are not as dovish as people might fear, the dollar might rally. (Quote by - John Cholakis)

Validation and significance are two very different things. It's very valid as a standard. Whether it's significant is the question. (Quote by - David Smith)

Now that we have that victory, we're more convinced of the validity of our patents. (Quote by - Daniel M ndez)

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