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I'm the only American alive or dead who presided unhappily over the removal of a vice president and a president. (Quote by - Alexander Haig)

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Time, which alone makes the reputation of men, ends by making their defects respectable. (Quote by - Voltaire)

Times change. The vices of your age are stylish today. (Quote by - Aristophanes)

One big vice in a man is apt to keep out a great many smaller ones. (Quote by - Bret Harte)

How like herrings and onions our vices are in the morning after we have committed them. (Quote by - Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

Vices are often habits rather than passions. (Quote by - Antoine Rivarol)

Nostalgia, the vice of the aged. We watch so many old movies our memories come in monochrome. (Quote by - Angela Carter)

Good taste is the worst vice ever invented. (Quote by - Dame Edith Sitwell)

Some vices only lay hold of us by means of others, and these, like branches, fall on removal of the trunk. (Quote by - Blaise Pascal)

Every vice makes its guilt the more conspicuous in proportion to the rank of the offender. (Quote by - Juvenal)

The Anglo-Saxon conscience doesn't keep you from doing what you shouldn't; it just keeps you from enjoying it. (Quote by - Salvador de Madariaga)

Too much work and too much energy kill a man just as effectively as too much assorted vice or too much drink. (Quote by - Rudyard Kipling)

Never support two weaknesses at the same time. It's your combination sinners - your lecherous liars and your miserly drunkards - who dishonor the vices and bring them into bad repute. (Quote by - Thornton Wilder)

Every day confirms my opinion on the superiority of a vicious life -- and if Virtue is not its own reward I don't know any other stipend annexed to it. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

Vice itself lost half its evil, by losing all its grossness. (Quote by - Edmund Burke)

Vice is a creature of such hideous mien... that the more you see it the better you like it. (Quote by - Finley Peter Dunne)

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. (Quote by - Barry Goldwater)

Ambition, in a private man is a vice, Is in a prince the virtue. (Quote by - Philip Massinger)

Vices are their own punishment. (Quote by - Aesop)

Vice has more martyrs than virtue; and it often happens that men suffer more to be lost than to be saved. (Quote by - Charles Caleb Colton)

Vice is its own reward. It is virtue which, if it is to be marketed with consumer appeal, must carry Green Shield stamps. (Quote by - Quentin Crisp)

Vice stirs up war, virtue fights. (Quote by - Marquis De Vauvenargues)

The worst vice of the solitary is the worship of his food. (Quote by - Cyril Connolly)

Ignorance and a narrow education lay the foundation of vice, and imitation and custom rear it up. (Quote by - Mary Astell)

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