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All I had to do was call the victim, drive her to court and say she loved so-and-so. (Quote by - Eric Erickson)

The victim immediately identified the suspect from that photo line-up. (Quote by - Sgt. Steve Maynard)

It appears several times the victim did tell the suspect to stop. (Quote by - Doug Tobin)

Isn't it funny. One victim gets to dictate the result, the other gets the door slammed in her face. (Quote by - Wendy Murphy)

The victim -- his legs were burned really bad. (Quote by - Tandra Simonton)

Hurricane Katrina -- if you housed a victim for more than 60 days there's an extra $500 exemption. It's as if you have a dependent or if you were supporting someone for the year and that is unique for this year. (Quote by - Elizabeth Sommer)

could fall victim to the difficult times that lie ahead for the industry. (Quote by - Steve Fortuna)

He's been victimized. Everybody identifies with a victim. (Quote by - John Christopher)

Donnie and Chris both was trying to stop the car, and they're victims, too. (Quote by - Chris Coffey)

when all they've done is left victims behind. (Quote by - Cassidy)

Unquestionably, there are online crooks who are getting away with impunity. Victims are fending for themselves. (Quote by - Beryl Howell)

There's a number of cases we have here where the victims are completely innocent. (Quote by - Ray Lepone)

The people have triumphed, the victims have triumphed, and the rule of law has triumphed. (Quote by - Carlos Slepoy)

They know the victims are vulnerable; they are illegal immigrants (Quote by - Bill Butler)

He wanted it over with and he didn't want to put any of the victims through anything. (Quote by - Dennis McDonough)

Most of the victims have been in close contact with us, and that's their biggest concern - getting back their money. (Quote by - David Hilburn)

As it turns out, the seniors are going to be the victims -- at least for the next few months while they struggle through this terrible transition trying to figure out how many plans to choose from. (Quote by - Richard Durbin)

Our hearts go out to the victims. (Quote by - Sylvester Croom)

I'd like to give my heartfelt apologies to the victims in the offense and to all the lives that my actions have caused suffering. (Quote by - Wilbert Rideau)

I am proud and honored to be part of the America Supports You Freedom Walk to honor the victims of 9/11 and to support our men and women in uniform. (Quote by - Clint Black)

Several of the victims have suffered multiple gunshot wounds, and the infant appears to have been strangled. (Quote by - Vernon Keenan)

Up to now, the figures given were estimates as the victims' bodies had been taken to morgues around the region and information about the number of dead was coming in from different services. (Quote by - Andrzej Gaska)

It was this moment that the victim was tied and bound. He could live in that moment for years. (Quote by - Sam Houston)

It probably took him less than a minute to get to the victim. (Quote by - Howard Smith)

The victims wanted closure. They wanted him to accept responsibility for his actions. They wanted him to go to prison as soon as possible. (Quote by - Warren Diepraam)

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