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We know in the end we have to negotiate (over the 30 percent wage increase demand,) but I have to say, the employers' offer to date is just too bad to accept. (Quote by - Rudolf Henke)

When it comes to finances, remember that there are no withholding taxes on the wages of sin. (Quote by - Mae West)

Unions are asking for more, but we are still a long way from excessive demands. The wage restraint continues. (Quote by - Dirk Schumacher)

This isn't going to be an easy fight, but Steve and I recognize we can wage a better battle if we join forces. (Quote by - Ron Gidwitz)

We're talking about whether, in our society, people are going to be paid a living wage, have a chance for health insurance, retirement security and a shot at the American Dream. (Quote by - Carol Florman)

We can't continue to look on, when there are entire sectors where there are wages that don't provide a secure livelihood. (Quote by - Matthias Platzeck)

Minimum wage issues have been a historic source of difference between the parties. (Quote by - Paul Beck)

Imposing a ratio doesn't help you hire another nurse. What it does is create demand that drives up wages. (Quote by - Danny Chun)

I introduced a bill to create the minimum wage in Iowa when I was a freshman legislator. I set it at a buck an hour, and they called me a socialist for trying. (Quote by - Mike Blouin)

Do you have to be reeducated? Maybe not -- maybe you just need to accept a lower wage rate. (Quote by - Paul Kasriel)

The ship was no longer fit. The ship was being sued by its crew for payment of back wages, which they never received. There was, in fact, a lawsuit -- which the crew won. (Quote by - James Dodson)

This barbarous offensive on Islam is the result of a campaign of incitement against Islam waged by Bush. (Quote by - Nafez Azzam)

But only a brief moment is granted to the brave one breath or two, whose wage is The long nights of the grave. (Quote by - Allama Iqbal)

It looks large relative to what happened in recent years, but you have to remember wage increases have been depressed for a long time. (Quote by - Larry Chimerine)

We were just poking around and we're barely making wages. (Quote by - Don Edwards)

We're delighted that wages have started rising more rapidly. We're not concerned about it having an inflationary impact. (Quote by - Allan Hubbard)

The number the market has grabbed onto is the wage increase -- so everyone's kind of gone on Fed alert. It just means the Fed has got to keep doing what it's doing. (Quote by - Bill Sutherland)

The average wage really speaks for itself. (Quote by - Ron Mosby)

You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour. (Quote by - Jim Rohn)

Men who do things without being told draw the most wages. (Quote by - Edwin H Stuart)

It used to be that we had the enviable lifestyle, but wages lagged behind. (Quote by - Steve Burns)

We are working with our unions to get contracts settled and to further reduce wage costs, ... I am confident they will respond constructively. (Quote by - John Creighton)

How often when they find a sage, As sweet as Socrates or Plato; They hand him hemlock for his wage, Or bake him like a sweet potato! Donald R (Quote by - Don Marquis)

Our members, six to one, oppose establishing a state minimum wage. There are members who believe the market should determine the wages. And the market does a good job of it. (Quote by - Michelle Bolton)

I worked min (minimum) wage my first job, and I got a raise when I memorized what goes on a hamburger. (Quote by - Mike Spence)

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