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Some positions, such as that of bellman, have seen a doubling of wages. But in every position, there has been a significant increase. (Quote by - Randy Pullen)

There's no way we would take even anything close to a $12 wage rate. (Quote by - Joe Buckley)

Unfortunately, wages grew by less than that pace, which explains why spending has begun to tail off. (Quote by - Joel Naroff)

We're looking at a 3 percent wage increase across the board for the next three years. We're also looking for at least four sick days. We don't have any regular or paid sick days. (Quote by - Gyor Wilson)

The contingencies set out in the budget could be used to accommodate increases in wage and salary levels. (Quote by - Fitz Jackson)

Employers could be required to register. They could post wage bonds. (Quote by - Steve Smitson)

We don't want the minimum wage increase. (Quote by - Angela Jones)

The TV and the public pay our wages and they like to see professional golfers mess it up. Missing a green with a chip shot - when do you see that? It's great to see exciting golf like we had last week. (Quote by - Paul McGinley)

You get paid more at McDonald's than you do under the existing minimum wage. (Quote by - Norm Coleman)

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