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Waking Quotes
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We are near waking when we dream we are dreaming. (Quote by - Novalis)

I woke at intervals until . . . the intervals of waking tipped the scales, and I was more often awake than not. (Quote by - Annie Dillard)

Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man. (Quote by - Pliny the Elder)

I do not know how to distinguish between our waking life and a dream. Are we not always living the life that we imagine we are? (Quote by - Henry David Thoreau)

In some parts of Ireland the sleep which knows no waking is always followed by a wake which knows no sleeping. (Quote by - Mary Wilson Little)

Hope is a waking dream. (Quote by - Aristotle)

I love this job. I love it to death. I love every waking minute of it. (Quote by - Joey Smallwood)

No objects of value ... are worth risking the priceless experience of waking up one more day. (Quote by - Jack Smith)

Out of sleeping a waking, Out of waking a sleep. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Real charity and a real ability never to condemn-the one real virtue-is so often the result of a waking experience that gives a glimpse of what lies beneath things. (Quote by - Ivy Compton-Burnett)

Sleep is the best cure for waking troubles. (Quote by - Miguel de Cervantes)

Work and love these are the basics; waking life is a dream controlled. (Quote by - George Santayana)

Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking. (Quote by - Black Elk)

The Beltway is waking up to the realities of Prsident Obam's budget plan, which taxes, spends, and borrows as far as the eye can see. (Quote by - Matthew Continetti)

The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities. (Quote by - James Allen)

The half hour between waking and rising has all my life proved propitious to any task which was exercising my invention... It was always when I first opened my eyes that the desired ideas thronged upon me. (Quote by - Walter Scott)

The personal vocabulary, the individual melody whose metre is one's biography, joins in that sound, with any luck, and the body moves like a walking, a waking island. (Quote by - Derek Walcott)

The waking mind is the least serviceable in the arts. (Quote by - Henry Miller)

The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can't do. (Quote by - Denis Waitley)

There is a certain comfort in waking up and finding that Michael Jackson is still the Big Story. At least it tells you that nothing horrible has happened in the world that would force them to move on to real news. (Quote by - Pat Sajak)

A lost but happy dream may shed its light upon our waking hours, and the whole day may be infected with the gloom of a dreary or sorrowful one; yet of neither may we be able to recover a trace. (Quote by - Walter de La Mare)

After I left LA... it was like waking up. And so I moved back east and stopped auditioning. (Quote by - Casey Affleck)

But our waking life, and our growing years, were for the most part spent in the kitchen, and until we married, or ran away, it was the common room we shared. (Quote by - Laurie Lee)

Death is delightful. Death is dawn, The waking from a weary night Of fevers unto truth and light. (Quote by - James Russell Lowell)

Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at Negroes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them. (Quote by - Martin Luther King, Jr.)

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