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I can remember walking as a child. It was not customary to say you were fatigued. It was customary to complete the goal of the expedition. (Quote by - Katharine Hepburn)

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking. (Quote by - Friedrich Nietzsche)

One step at a time is good walking. (Quote by - Chinese Proverb)

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time. (Quote by - Steven Wright)

Writing is like walking in a deserted street. Out of the dust in the street you make a mud pie. (Quote by - John LeCarre)

He who limps is still walking. (Quote by - Stanislaw Lec)

Walking is man's best medicine. (Quote by - Hippocrates)

I've had enough of snooker [walking out against Hendry] (Quote by - Ronnie O'Sullivan)

Anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time. (Quote by - Steven Wright)

Bores put you in a mental cemetery while you are still walking. (Quote by - Elsa Maxwell)

I cry a lot. I'll cry because I see a person walking down the street looking lonely. (Quote by - Drew Barrymore)

No, I'm not interested in walking around with a Knicks bag, period. (Quote by - Isaiah Washington)

I feel like I'm walking on eggs and can't take another step. (Quote by - Bill Buckner)

I can't criticise someone else [Ronnie] for walking out, but I've never seen anything like it. It's just bizarre (Quote by - Stephen Hendry)

I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out. (Quote by - Steven Wright)

As I was walking up the stair I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish he'd stay away. (Quote by - Hughes Mearns)

Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees. (Quote by - Karl Baker)

If my critics saw me walking over the Thames they would say it was because I couldn't swim. (Quote by - Margaret Thatcher)

I've got my fishing rod, compass, bum bag and walking shoes - the lot. How geeky is that? (Quote by - Hannah Sandling)

Life is always walking up to us and saying, 'Come on in, the living's fine,' and what do we do? Back off and take its picture. (Quote by - Russell Baker)

Being a Jew is like walking in the wind or swimming: you are touched at all points and conscious everywhere. (Quote by - Lionel Trilling)

The Queen is the only person who can put on a tiara with one hand, while walking down stairs. (Quote by - Princess Margaret)

But two are walking apart forever And wave their hands for a mute farewell. (Quote by - Jean Ingelow)

A city that outdistances man's walking powers is a trap for man. (Quote by - Arnold Toynbee)

Fit men walking around and bathing, it would be just like being in Ancient Rome [on a footballers dressing room] (Quote by - John Barrowman)

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