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Never Search Your Happiness In Other As That Will Make U Feel Alone Search That In Yourself, You Will Feel Happy Even When You Are Left Alone Proud To Be Single.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Never Tired Of Doing Little Things For Others, Because Sometimes Those Little Things Occupy The Biggest Part In Their Hearts.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

No Candle Looses Any Of It Light While Lighting Up Another Candle, So Never Stop Helping Others Because It Makes Your Life More Meaningful.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Not every flower can represent love but roses did it.
Not every tree can stand thirst, but cactus did it.
Not every monkey can read SMS but hey you just did!
Enjoy your day, and dont forget to smile!
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Nothing Happens Without A Reason. A Person Who Has Come Into Your Life Has Come Either To Teach You Something Or To Learn Something From You.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Nothing is bad but it might have been worse.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

There is nothing impossible in the world
every thing is possible only you should
remove the word of
from your mind dictionary.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

One Simple Tip To Stay Happy… Never Think About The Third Person And Never Thinks What The Third Person Thinks About You.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Only A Lovable Person Can Feel Your Silent Pain And Will Hold Your Hand Till You Become Strong Again Don't Leave Your Lovable Person Who Feels Your Pain.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Our errors are steps on the way.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Our prayers should be for blessing in general, for God knows best what is good for us.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Pain iz inevitable. Suffering iz optional.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

People who believe a problem can be solved tend to become busy solving it.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Please remind me 2 remind U about reminding me to send U this reminder that reminds me of reminding U that U never have to remind me 2 remember U, I ALWAYS DO ........ More.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Pleasures of love lasts a moment but pain of love lasts a lifetime
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Pray as if everything depended work as if everything depended on you.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Prayer is the first duty in life; And to plead lack of time for it is an insult to GOD.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

GOD has given us
Think twice and act wise.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

RELATIONS is when someone hurts u n u dont hurts back,
When someone shouts at u n u dont shout back,
BUT when someone needs u, U always come back...
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Relationship doesnt get closer by meetings, but it is sweetend byy THOUGHT I care for u in my own STRANGE ways. May be you will never know, May be I will never show.
~ Relationship Advice SMS

Relationship is like a book,
It takes only few seconds to burn.
But it takes years to print,
So print it very carefully and never let it burn.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Relationship is like a garden. its beautiful when watered with love , hugs, tears & cheers but it dries up when untouched , SO DO KEEP IN TOUCH ALWAYS .
~ Relationship Advice SMS Message

No matter how bad you are,
You are not totally useless....
You can still be used
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Respect The Love You Get From A Special Person In Your Life Or Else You Will Have To Face A Day Where You Would Lose Both The Love And The Special Person.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Respect those people
who find time for you in their time table,
But Love those
who don’t consult their time tables when you need them.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

Saying "I did not find time" shows you did not WISH to do it.
~ Advice SMS Text Message

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