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NAMAZ is not a
Spare Wheel
That U pull out in
It is the
Steering Wheel
That directs U to the
Right path in life...
So always keep
Driving !!
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their ears,
And over their eyes there is a dark covering,
And for them is great torment.(surah-ul-baqira).
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

For Everything There Is A Purification Zakat, And The Purification Of Bodies Is The Fast. Bukhari
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

Prophet Said:
If Anyone Forgets A Prayer He Should Pray When He Remembers It.
There Is No Expiation Except To Pray The Same.
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) -
When you go to visit the sick, comfort his grief and say, 'You will get well and live long,' because although this saying will not prevent what is predestined, it will solace his soul.
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

Sometimes ALLAH pushes us to our limits..
HE tests us beyond our endurance, because HE has greater faith in us than we have in ourselves..
Trust in HIM because everything happens for a reason and HE knows our weaknesses and strengths more than US..
Always keep FAITH in ALLAH...
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

You should try to make sure you recite sura AL-MULK (chapter 67) before sleeping, because the prophet PBUH promised that one who reads this sura before sleeping is saved from the punishment of the grave. May Allah forgive us all and bless us with a happy life in this dunya and the hereafter. Ameen.
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

Allah's Apostle said: Whoever establishes prayers during the nights of Ramadan faithfully out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah's rewards (not for showing off), all his past sins will be forgiven.
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

HADITH: He who truly believes in ALLAH and the
Last Day, should speak good or keep silent. BUKHARI, MUSLIM.
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

The authority of Al-Hasan bin Ali, the grandson of the messenger of Allah, who said : I memorized from the messenger of Allah his saying : Leave that which makes you doubt for that which does not make you doubt.
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

The Best Of Your
Rulers Are Those Whom
You Love & Who Love You,
Who Invokes God's Blessings
Upon You & You Invokes
His Blessings Upon Them
The Worst Of Your Rulers
Are Those Whom You
Hate & Who Hate You
& Whom You Curse &
Who Curse You ...
~ Muslim ~
[We Can See In Which
Category Our Leader Fall]
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

Gifts of 21 century:
Our telephone-cordless
Our cooking-fireless
Our food-fatless
Our youth-jobless
Our labour-effortless
Our attitude-careless
Our politics-shameless
Our education-valueless
Our boss-brainless
Our job-thankless
Our salary-very less
Because our life is QURAN LESS.
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

On the authority of Abu Dhar Jundub bin Junadah, and Muadh bin Jabal that the messenger of Allah said :
Fear Allah wherever you are, and follow up a bad deed with a good one and it will wipe it out, and behave well towards people.
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

Permission To Enter Is To Be Asked Three Times. If Permission Is Given To You, Then Enter, Otherwise Leave. Bukhari,
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

When I Was Student,I Miss Classes 4 Few Daz & Went Back
Teacher Told Me Dat My Attendance Short & I'm Not Elligible 4 Éxams
Durin My Job, Wen I Went On Leave Widout Informin Manager, He Warned Me If I Do It Again, i'll Be Fired
But My Allah Allmighty Is So Generous, So Forgiving
Éven After So Many Absents, Whenever I Start Offering Prayers Again,
He Never Refuses 2 Accept My Prayer & Instead He Gives Me Hope Of Forgivenes Éverytime
~ Hadith SMS Text Message

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