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Staying far never breaks relation,
Staying near never builds relation,
Its a link between hearts,
Which never allows us to forget each other.
~ Heart SMS Text Message

Stars are seen together,
Yet they r so far apart?
Good friends may not speak everyday,
But remember they r always linked HEART TO HEART.
~ Heart SMS Text Message

Nobody In The World
Can Hav A
Crystal Clear Heart...!!
Everyone's Heart Has
Some Scratches
Scribbled By
Their Dear Ones.
~ Heart SMS Text Message

2day thougt....!!!
A heart....
That loves
Is always
~ Heart SMS Text Message

My Heart Is Made 2 Luv U,
My Lips Are Made To Kis U,
Evry Part Of Me Wants U
My Hands Made 2 Hold U,
Maybe Bcoz I Was Made Just 4 U.
~ Heart SMS Text Message

Measured By Miles
You Are Far From Me,
Measured By Thoughts
You Are Closer To Me,
Measurd By Closd Eyes
You Are Wid Me,
Measurd By Heart
You Are In Me.
~ Heart SMS Text Message

Quote For LIFE To Be Followed Till Last Breath
~*~ U n l e s s
~ Heart SMS Text Message

I have a heart n that is true,
But now it has gone from me to you,
So care for it just like I do,
Because I have no heart n U have two.
~ Heart SMS Text Message

True Love Hears What Is Not Spoken,
And Understands What Is Not Explained,
For Love Doesn?T Work In The Mouth,
Nor The Mind,
But In The Heart.
~ Heart SMS Text Message

One who smokes has a smoky heart;
One who drinks has an alcoholic heart.
So dear U must STOP eating sweets
As u r already a SWEETEHART.
~ Heart SMS Text Message

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