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There are many questions but answers R very few
Thatsy I ask U only a question
How r U?.
~ Hello SMS Text Message

Those sparkling eyes,
That amazing face,
A 100watt smile,
The enthu stride,
The cheerful talk,
Charming personality!
I'm still the same. How r u?.
~ Hello SMS Text Message

Big Hello 2 my sweet loving milky honey cheez juicy & spicy FRIEND.
~ Hello SMS Text Message

With atomic and meteoric regards,
My volcanic impulse trembles every time
I greet a person with a magnitude of
Character and charm like you.
~ Hello SMS Text Message

A simple "HELLO"
Can be so sweet...
H= How r u?
E= Every thing ok
L= Like to c u
L= love 2 hear from u
O= Obviously I Miss u!
~ Hello SMS Text Message

A warm hello doesn’t come from the lips,
It comes from the heart,
Doesn’t have to be told,
It has to be shown,
Doesn’t have to be given,
It has to be sent.
~ Hello SMS Text Message

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