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Other men said they have seen angels,
But i have seen thee
And thou art enough. - g. Moore
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

Love means to see someone with closed eyes
To find someone in every thought,
To live for someone in every moment,
Be sure that someone is only one (me)!
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. - jean anouilh
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

A doctor can save my life. A lawyer can defend my life. A soldier can give me a peaceful life. But only you can give me a meaningful life.
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

I may be gone for a minute,
For hours, for a day.
I may not be able to say
Good morning or good night
I’ll never try to say goodbye
To a person who has been sweet and true.
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

Being near is not the meaning of being dear,
I may be far from u but msgs are bridges
2 make u feel that i always remember you!
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

Red or white
Short or tall
Wrapped in silver
Not wrapped at all
Under covers
Inside a box
Shapes & sizes
Love comes in lots.
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

Falling in love doesn't happen just once.
Everytime you hear their voice
After not hearing it for a week;
Everytime you see that smile brighen the room;
Everytime they make you laugh
When you don't even want to smile;
Every kiss hello and see-you-later hug.
Thats when you fall in love;
Not once, but everyday.
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

You justify my existence ...
If i have not known you,
I wouldn't have lived,
If i die with out knowing you,
I wouldn't die coz i didn't live at all .
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

Love is a medicine for any kind of wound, but there is no medicine found in the world for a wound given by love.
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

Till the end of time…
In a world so close to me…
I’m just so in love…
With a girl who’s in my heart…
I love u…
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

If i could give u one thing in life, i would give u the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would u realise how special u r to me.
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

People fall in luv not knowing why or how.
It’s so special a feeling that it doesn’t require much answers.
U just luv no matter how stupid u become.
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should i walk by again?
~ Romantic SMS Text Message

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