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What's Ford?
Santa: Gaadi.
What's Oxford?
Santa: So simple, Bail Gaadi.
~ Santa Banta SMS Text Message

Pappu: Dad, what is an idiot?
Santa: An idiot is a person who tries to explain his ideas in such a strange and long way that another person who is listening to him can't understand him. Do you understand me?
Pappu: No.
~ Santa Banta SMS Text Message

Santa eats 8 Butter Naan at a party and is suffering from Constipation.
Praying & crying in Toilet: Hey Wahe Guru...Ya toh JAAN nikal de, ya NAAN nikal de.
~ Santa Banta SMS Text Message

Banta: Y did u buy ur wife a huge diamond ring for her b'day? I thought she wanted a car.
Santa: She did, but where in the world was I going to find a fake car?
~ Santa Banta SMS Text Message

Salesman:This computer will
Cut your workload by 50%.
Santa:That is great,
I will take two of them:
~ Santa Banta SMS Text Message

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