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Sardar runs home yelling Pack your bags honey.
I just won the 10 Million lotto.
Wife: Do I pack for the beach or mountains?
Sardar: Who cares? Just pack and get lost!
~ Sardar SMS Text Message

Question: Why did 18 Sardars
go to a movie?
Answer: Because below 18
was not allowed.
~ Sardar SMS Text Message

What is Common between : Krishna, Ram, Gandhiji & Jesus..?
Sardar ji Replied : All are Born on Government Holidays.
~ Sardar SMS Text Message

Sardar was writing something very slowly.
Friend asked: Why are you writing so slowly?
Sardar: Im writing to my 6 years old son,
he can't read very fast.
~ Sardar SMS Text Message

In an interview,
interviewer: How does an electric motor run?
SARDAR: dhuurrrrrrrrrr..
Interviewr shouts: stop it !
SARDAR: dhurr dhup dup dup dup..
~ Sardar SMS Text Message

A sardar ji pulled out 6 people from a burning house…
still he was in jail…….why?
coz all the 6 were fire brigade staff.
~ Sardar SMS Text Message

Sardar ji.. Says I Love u to his galfrend.. And suddenly falls on the floor...
GalFrnd.. What iz this?
Sarda Ji.. O ji, i'm falling in love )
~ Sardar SMS Text Message

Sardar in airplane going to Bombay.
While its landing he shouted:
“Bombay ….Bombay”
Airhostess said: B silent.
Sardar: Ok… Ombay… Ombay.
~ Sardar SMS Text Message

Teacher: What is tha difference between orange & apple?
Sardar: The color of orange is orange but the color of apple is not apple.
~ Sardar SMS Text Message

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