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Living in the favorable and unfavroble situation is called Part of living. But smiling in all those suitations is called Art of living..
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Im not your friend if?
You whould rather keep quiet when you really waana talk!
Im not your friend if?
You hesitate to ask me to stay back when you think we should be together!
Im not your friend if?You take too much tine to tell me what i mean to you!
Am i ur friend???
A smile can take u milez..!!!
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Close ur eyes, think about ur lovable person and moment spend with him or her.
Then watch ur Lips will automaticaly get Smile
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Is an inexpensive way
To change ur looks.
Keep smiling ? =)
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Girls misuse it!
Models sell it!
Photograhers cage it!
Doctors advice it!
Death freezes it!
Artists create it!
Guess, what’s that?
~ Smile SMS Text Message

The earth weighs 6.6 Septilion Tons
Don’t make it heavier
By carrying a heavy heart!
Stay light, laugh often,
Love much, enjoy each moment.
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Sumthing Missing In U,
But Wat & Whr?Lets Search
In Ur Bag
In Ur Pocket
I Got It
Its On Ur Face
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Shakespear said don’t worry!
Because if u r worried u get a wrinkle,
So why don’t u smile & get a dimple.
Always smile and be happy
~ Smile SMS Text Message

It hurts me wen u talk
Best linez by a best frnd:
"It hurts me wen u talk to s0me0ne else n n0t me....
It hurts even m0re wen s0me1 else makez u smile n i can't..."
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Dreams makes everything posssible,hope makes everything works,love makes everything beautiful, smile makes all the above keep smiling always.
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile . . . .
~ Smile SMS Text Message

If U r stressed, you’ll get pimples..
If u cry,u’ll get wrinkles..
So, y don’t u smile & get dimples?
~ Smile SMS Text Message

An honest Smile From A Smiling Heart
Crossing Many Kilometers Has Just Reached Ur
Wishing U A Life, Ful Of Smiles..
Keep Smiling
~ Smile SMS Text Message

S: Sets u free,
M: Makes u special,
I: Increases ur face value,
L: Lifts up ur spirits,
E: Erases all ur tensions,
So, please keep smiling.
~ Smile SMS Text Message

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