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Never Ignore a person who
Luvs u
Cares 4 u &
Misses U
One day u may wake up frm ur sleep
And realize that u’ve lost the moon while counting stars ……..!!!!
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

May your heart be happy and your days be bright.
May your roads be smooth and your burdens light.
May YOU find dreams and touch a star &
nevr forget how special you ARe
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

Smiles are like birds; they fly from face to face. May your sweet lips become a good nest, so that smiles can stay there forever. Keep Smiling !!
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

Some friends forget,
Some move away,
Some keep silent,
Some just change,
But I am not one of dem,
I remember my friends just for two moments!
“Now & Forever”.
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

Dreaming of you makez my nite worth while.
Thinking of you makez me Smyle.
Having you is the best thing ever n
Loving you is what I plan to do forever
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

Measured by miles,
U r far from me ....
Measures by thoughts
U r closer to me...
Measured by closed eyes
U r with me ....
Measured by heart
U r in me.
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

U may miss me, U may ignore me, U may even forget me, But one day if u wanna c me, Dont search, just c ur shadow, i wil be there...Trust Me!!
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

Hey.. Listen .. two people were asking me ur details today. I gave them ur address n mobile number. They will be visiting u soon. Their names r Joy & happiness.
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

Some people have nice eyes,
some people have nice smiles,
others have nice faces,
but u have all of them with a nice heart
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

Nice people are blessed people, ever friendly, always smiling, forgive easily, hold no grudges and keep no malice. Send this to a nice person. I just did.
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

Watch out!
Defend urself!
. . .
I warned U!
U've just been strongly attacked
by 1,000,000 of tightest hugs.
miss u dear
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

Butterflies Don't Know The Color Ov Their Wings,
Bt, Human Eyes Know How Nice It Is..
Likewise u Don't Know How Good u r,
But, I Know How Special u r to Me.. !!
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

Forgive my eyes 4 admiring your beauty. U stole my heart the moment U looked at me, call me crazy call me insane every time my heart beats it mentions your name.
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

The height of pain in life is to
sit near the person u love d most .....
knowing that the person can neve b urs ...!!!!!
~ Sweet SMS Text Message

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