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Don't think how many moments in your life, just think how much life is there in a moment.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

Forgiveness is the glue that repairs broken relationships.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up
~ Wise SMS Text Message

Everyone wants happiness,
No one needs pain,
But its not possible to get a rainbow…
Without a little rain.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

The path that leads to happiness is so narrow that two can not walk on it unless they become one.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

Like all,
Trust few,
Follow none,
But Learn from everyone.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

The trouble with a rat race
Is that even if u win,
U are still a rat.
So always run with lions.
No matter even if u r defeated,
U are still a lion.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure. So imagine how brilliant a human being can be by sustaining pressures of life. Be hopeful
~ Wise SMS Text Message

If a drop of water falls in
Lake there is no identity.
But if it falls on a leaf of lotus
It shine like a pearl.
So choose the best place
Where you would shine..
~ Wise SMS Text Message

Smooth roads never make good drivers!
Smooth sea never makes good sailors!
Clear skies never make good pilots!
Problem free life never makes a strong & good person!
Be strong enough to accept the challengers of life.
Don’t ask Life
“Why me?”
Instead say
“Try Me!”
~ Wise SMS Text Message

Don't read success story.
Read only failure story,
b’coz failure story you get new idea to win,
From Success story you get only message.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

Once, all village people decided to pray for rain.
On the day of prayer all people gathered and only one boy
Came with an Umbrella,
That’s Confidence
Trust should be like the feeling of a one year old baby
when you throw him in the air, he laughs
Because he knows you will catch him;
That’s Trust
Every night we go to bed,
we have no assurance to get up alive in the next morning
But still you have plans for the coming day ;
That’s Hope
~ Wise SMS Text Message

Highway Road Sign:
“Go Slow, Unless You
Have An Urgent
Appointment With God.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

If everyone Is happy with you,
Then surely You might have
made many compromises in your life
~ Wise SMS Text Message

To be most successful in life,
Always forget the problems
That you faced in life,
But never forget the lessons
That those problems taught you.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

No man in this world is rich enough
To buy his own past.
Enjoy each moment of your life
Before it gets beyond reach.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

If things r happening
According to ur wish,
U r lucky!
But if they r not,
U r very lucky,
Bcoz they r hapning
According to God’s wish!
~ Wise SMS Text Message

Read This slowly “LIFEISNOWHERE”
What Did U Read?
Life Is No Where!!
life IS Now Here!!
Just beautiful Line To Say,
"life Depends On The Way We Look It”
~ Wise SMS Text Message

When the time comes for you to give
Your heart to someone,
Make sure that u select someone who
Will never break your heart,
Coz broken hearts have no spare parts.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

A happy person is not a person
in a certain set of circumstances,
But rather a person with
a certain set of attitudes.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

You can tell more about a person
By what he says about others
than you can by what others say about him.
~ Wise SMS Text Message

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