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Top 10 Dumb Criminals of 2012

Posted on: 10-31-2012

Here are the top 10 dumb criminals of 2012.

10. Marcia Usher Called 911 Hoping They Would Help Her Find A Place to Pee In The Woods

Yes, you read that correctly. Marcia Usher called 911 because she couldn't find a place to pee out in the woods. The call that she made to 911 was bizarre and so the police decided that they needed to track her down. They found out Usher was not in the woods but that she was on her porch with some beer and a handgun on the cooler plus she had a vial of meth that was on her body.

9. Two Men Decided To Break Into A House That Had Poison Gas

In Fort Lauderdale to men decided to break into a house and of all the homes they picked they got one that had poison gas in it. They wanted things to sell at the flea market like jewelry and then found themselves going through a lot of poison gas that was currently being checked and fumigated because of pests. They almost got killed just to sell some jewelry at the flea market.

8. Wesley Winston Stole Someone's Car Because He Said His Feet Happened To Be Very Sore

Wesley Winston stole a car and the car that he stole was a bait car and it was parked their by the police. When the police arrested him he told the police that he should have walked home but he stole the car because his feet were sore. Winston was charged by felony theft of a motor vehicle.

7. Footprints In The Snow Helped Police Catch The Suspects

Minnesota police was able to follow footprints that were fresh in the snow after two people broke into a business that was in Fairbault. The alarm did not sound off but they found fresh footprints in the snow. They found the suspects Daniel Sanchez and Alonso Silva and arrested them for burglary.

6. Jesse Helgeson Wanted To Kill His Ex's New Boyfriend

Jesse Helgeson wanted to kill his ex's new boyfriend and the main reason why was because if he had him killed he would derail the pending criminal charges that was against him. He offered a hit man a golf cart and ATV to kill him. He contacted a friend to see if he would look for a hit man and his friend called the authorities.

5. Robber Doesn't Know How To Steal A Hybrid Car

A crime shouldn't be funny but some you just can't help but laugh. The robber decided to rob a taxi that was a Hybrid taxi cab in San Francisco. He first flagged the taxi driver down and asked him for a ride to the Golden Gate Park and then he robbed him and forced him out of the cab. He then called the taxi cab driver back because he couldn't figure out how to work the Hybrid car.

4. Idiot Fakes Her Kidnapping So She Won't Have To Work

Sheila Eubanks tried her best to bail from work from faking her kidnapping. Her scheme was eventually uncovered and she confessed then later she was arrested. Later on she got out on bail for $10,000. What did she do on her time off? She purchased a lottery ticket from the gas station but she didn't get so lucky. When the police found Sheila Eubanks she was in the back seat of her car bound by rope. She told the authorities that the man who kidnapped her she could not identify. She also said the man that had kidnapped her drove up to the ATM machine and held her at knife point and that was when the so called kidnapping was suppose to take place.

3. A Woman In Texas Shoots Her Husband For Threatening The Cat

A woman shot her husband because he said that he was going to kill one of her cats. It was the very first case of domestic violence reported between the couple in Spring, Texas. They had lived together for two years. Audrey Deen Miller is now behind bars for shooting her husband.

2. Man Fights Stop Sign

Police tried very hard to get Raymond Garcia to stop fighting with a stop sign. The police in Roswell, New Mexico responded to a report of a man that was fighting a stop sign and that is what they found. Whatever the sign did it must have been bad because the police even tried to taser Raymond and he just wouldn't stop.

1. Cristian Villarreal-Castillo Dozes Off During A Robbery

Cristian Villarreal-Castillo was doing very well in a robbery. He was loaded with lots of stuff but then he fell asleep during the robbery. The cops arrived at the place he was robbing around 5 am and found him sleeping on the kitchen floor. He had evidence still in his pockets from the robberies he did earlier. Looks like he'll be spending a lot of nights sleeping in jail.