Spy On Your Friends

This website allows the general public to locate people via their mobile device (iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, LG, Galaxy, etc.). The beta version of our service is currently free but once we fix all the bugs there will be a fee for the use of our technology.

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11/20/2011 - Our new INMARSAT G28 satellite is now online and is providing fast, accurate results. The wait time for results has been cut from several minutes to several seconds.

03/14/2009 - We have received a $6 million grant from the US Goverment which will allow us to do more research into parallel-spectrum triangular locating technologies, hopefully leading to improved performance of our location datection systems.

Pictured Above: An artist rendering of our INMARSAT G28 satellite, which is currently in orbit allowing us to locate anyone with a mobile phone by triangulating their signal with local cell phone towers.

US Patents #09877Z723, #092ER4449, #114TO9921
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