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British Shows 1

Radio Show: British Shows 1

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311224 Christmas Carol 
39 Steps 1 
39 Steps 2 
39 Steps 3 
490109 Listener Research 
490320 Royal Naval Barracks 
490501 Horse Racing 
490508 Robin Hood 
501024 Jimmy Joins The BBC 
530921 Operation Luna 01 
530928 Operation Luna 02 
531005 Operation Luna 03 
531012 Operation Luna 04 
531019 Operation Luna 05 
531026 Operation Luna 06 
531102 Operation Luna 07 
531109 Operation Luna 08 
531112 Pygmalion Sketch 
531116 Operation Luna 09 
531119 Mona Lisa Sketch 
531123 Operation Luna 10 
531130 Operation Luna 11 
531207 Operation Luna 12 
540325 Polly Potter Sketch 
540401 Stone Age Sketch 
540408 Tea Shop Music Sketch 
540422 Vienna Sketch 
541110 The Red Planet Mars 
541124 The Red Planet Mars 
541215 The Red Planet Mars 
541222 The Red Planet Mars 
541229 The Red Planet Mars 
550105 The Red Planet Mars 
550112 The Red Planet Mars 
550119 The Red Planet Mars 
550126 The Red Planet Mars 
550202 The Red Planet Mars 
550209 The Red Planet Mars 
550216 The Red Planet Mars 
550217 Escaped Convict Sketch 
550224 Tivoli Theatre Sketch 
550303 Red Indian Sketch 
550310 Jekyl And Hyde Sketch 
550926 301 The World in Peril 
551003 302 The World in Peril 
551010 303 The World in Peril 
551017 304 The World in Peril 
551024 305 The World in Peril 
551025 Madame Butterfly 
551031 306 The World in Peril 
551107 307 The World in Peril 
551114 308 The World in Peril 
551121 309 The World in Peril 
551128 310 The World in Peril 
551205 311 The World in Peril 
551212 312 The World in Peril 
551219 313 The World in Peril 
551226 314 The World in Peril 
560102 315 The World in Peril 
560109 316 The World in Peril 
560116 317 The World in Peril 
560123 318 The World in Peril 
560130 319 The World in Peril 
560206 320 The World in Peril 
570220 Ron And Eths First Meeting 
581204 Ron Joins The Police 
591122 Ron's Amateur Dramatics 
600121 Mr Glums Drinking Bet 
600128 Ron Learns Jujitsu 
7 percent solution 1 
7 percent solution 2 
7 percent solution 3 
A Tale of Two Cities 1 
A Tale of Two Cities 2 
A Tale of Two Cities 3 
A Tale of Two Cities 4 
A Tale of Two Cities 5 
A Tale of Two Cities 6 
A Tale of Two Cities 7 
A Tale of Two Cities 8 
Appleby's End 1 
Appleby's End 2 
Appleby's End 3 
Appleby's End 4 
Atlantis 1 
Atlantis 2 
Atlantis 3 
Atlantis 4 
Babylon Run 1 
Babylon Run 2 
Babylon Run 3 
Babylon Run 4 
Becker - A Friend From Chicago 
Becker - A Single Green Feather 
Becker - An Expensive Bottle of Poison 
Becker - Hotels Are My Life 
Becker - Pearl 
Becker - Wicked World Of Mary Hunter 
BFIW 670504 ep1 Honeymoon Spells Nightmare 
BFIW 670511 ep2 Terror For A Bride 
BFIW 670518 ep3 Shadow On A Millionaire 
BFIW 670525 ep4 Bait For A Boggie 
BFIW 670601 ep5 Trail From A Tip Off 
BFIW 670608 ep6 Explosion In Red 
BFIW 670615 ep7 Mastermind At Midnight 
Burkiss Way Collection 1 
Burkiss Way Collection 2 
Burkiss Way Collection 3 
Burkiss Way Collection 4 
Burkiss01 Peel Bananas The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss02 Pass Examinations The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss03 The Burkiss Special With James 
Burkiss04 Solve Murders The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss05 Keep Unfit The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss06 Win Awards The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss07 Influence Friends and Win People The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss08 Plan christmas schedules the Burkiss way 
Burkiss09 Gain Spiritual Fulfillment The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss10 Govern Britain The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss11 Journey Into The Unknown The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss12 Make Short Comedy Programs The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss13 Commemorate The Jubilee The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss14 Do You Know What The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss15 Skive From School The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss16 Get Off With Life The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss17 This Is Your Life The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss18 Become A Rock Star The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss19 Replace The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss20 Discover Gravity The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss21 Get Cut Off The Bur... 
Burkiss22 Succeed In Business The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss23 Son Of The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss24 One Hour To Burkiss Way 
Burkiss25 Not To Be Opened Until Christmas The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss26 First Prize The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss27 Around The World The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss42 The Man From The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss43 Sack The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss44 Love Big Brother The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss45 The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Burkiss Way 
Burkiss46 Settle Out Of Court The Birkiss Way 
Burkiss47 Wave Goodbye To CBEs The Burkiss Way 
Charlie Muffin 1 
Charlie Muffin 2 
Childhood's End 1 
Childhood's End 2 
Clean Sweep Cold Storage 
Clean Sweep The Ice Boy 
Clouds of Witness 1 
Clouds of Witness 2 
Clouds of Witness 3 
Clouds of Witness 4 
Clouds of Witness 6 
Clouds of Witness 7 
Clouds of Witness 8 
Clouds of Witness P1 
Clouds of Witness P2 
Clouds of Witness P3 
Clouds of Witness P4 
Clouds of Witness P5 
Clouds of Witness P6 
Clouds of Witness P7 
Clouds of Witness P8 
Coffin Scarcely Used 1 
Coffin Scarcely Used 2 
Coffin Scarcely Used 3 
Compensating Error 1 
Compensating Error 2 (bbc) 
Dark Empire 01 
Dark Empire 02 
Dark Empire 03 
Dark Empire 04 
Dark Empire 05 
Dark Empire 06 
Dark Empire 07 
Dark Empire 08 
Dark Empire 09 
Dark Empire 10 
Dark Empire 11 
Dark Empire 12 
Dark Empire 13 
Day of the Triffids 1 
Day of the Triffids 2 
Day of the Triffids 3 
Day of the Triffids 4 
Day of the Triffids 5 
Day of the Triffids 6 
Dead Drop Part 1 
Dead Drop Part 2 
Dead Ringers 
Death on the Nile 
Death on the Nile 1 
Death on the Nile 2 
Death on the Nile 3 
Deep six ep1 
Deep six ep2 
Deep six ep3 
Deep six ep4 
Deep six ep5 
Deep six ep6 
Dick Francis 1 - Breaking Point 
Dick Francis 2 - Breaking Point 
Dick Francis 3 - Breaking Point 
Dick Francis 4 - Breaking Point 
Dick Francis 5 - Breaking Point 
Dick Francis 6 - Breaking Point 
Dr. Fell - Below suspicion 
Dr. Fell - Black Spectacles 
Dr. Fell - Blind Barber 
Dr. Fell - Gallows Lane 01 
Dr. Fell - Gallows Lane 02 
Dr. Fell - He Who Whispers 
Dr. Fell - Mad Hatter Mystery 
Dr. Fell - The Hollow Man 1 
Dr. Fell - The Hollow Man 2 
radio fun 01 
radio fun 02 
radio fun 03 
radio fun 04 
radio fun 05 
radio fun 06 
radio fun 07 
radio fun 08 
radio fun 09 
radio fun 10 
radio fun 11 
radio fun 12 
radio fun 13 At Christmas 
Riddle of the Sands 1 
Riddle of the Sands 2 
Riddle of the Sands 3 
RJ1 Tatoueen Haunts 
RJ2 Fast Friends 
RJ3 Prophesies and Destinie 
RJ4 Pattern and Web 
RJ5 So Turns a Galaxy 
RJ6 Blood of a Jedi 
Sad Cypress Pt1 
Sad Cypress Pt2 
Sad Cypress Pt3 
Sad Cypress Pt4 
small town in germany1 
small town in germany2 
small town in germany3 
small town in germany4 
small town in germany5 
small town in germany6 
small town in germany7 
Smallbone Deceased 1 
Smallbone Deceased 2 
Smallbone Deceased 3 
Smiler with the Knife 1 
Smiler with the Knife 2 
Smiler with the Knife 3 
spaceforce part 1 
spaceforce part 2 
spaceforce part 3 
spaceforce part 4 
spaceforce part 5 
spaceforce part 6 
spaceforce2 part 1 
spaceforce2 part 2 
spaceforce2 part 3 
spaceforce2 part 4 
Strong Poison 1 of 6 
Strong Poison 2 of 6 
Strong Poison 3 of 6 
Strong Poison 4 of 6 
Strong Poison 5 of 6 
Strong Poison 6 of 6 
Strong Poison p1 
Strong Poison p2 
Ted Heath Ep1-3 
Ted Heath Ep2-2 
Ted Heath Ep2-3 
Ted Heath Ep2-4 
The Big Sleep Pt1 
The Big Sleep Pt2 
The Dark Island P1 
The Dark Island P2 
The Dark Island P3 
The Dark Island P4 
The Dark Island P5 
The Dark Island P6 
The Guns of Navarone 1 
The Guns of Navarone 2 
The Guns of Navarone 3 
The Guns of Navarone 4 
The High Window 1 
The High Window 2 
The Horse And His Boy1 
The Horse And His Boy2 
The Horse And His Boy3 
The Horse And His Boy4 
The Last Battle pt1 
The Last Battle pt2 
The Last Battle pt3 
The Last Battle pt4 
The Lost World 1 
The Lost World 2 
The Magician's Nephew1 
The Magician's Nephew2 
The Magician's Nephew3 
The Magician's Nephew4 
The nine tailors1 
The nine tailors2 
The nine tailors3 
The nine tailors4 
The Silver Chair pt1 
The Silver Chair pt2 
The Silver Chair pt3 
The Silver Chair pt4 
The Sittaford Mystery 1 
The Sittaford Mystery 2 
The Sittaford Mystery 3 
The Sittaford Mystery 4 
The Voyage Of The Dawn1 
The Voyage Of The Dawn2 
The Voyage Of The Dawn3 
The Voyage Of The Dawn4 
Thirteen At Dinner 1 
Thirteen At Dinner 2 
Tiger in the Smoke pt1 
Tiger in the Smoke pt2 
Tiger in the Smoke pt3 
Tiger in the Smoke pt4 
tinker tailor soldier spy1 
tinker tailor soldier spy2 
tinker tailor soldier spy3 
tinker tailor soldier spy4 
TMC01 The Inaudible Man 
TMC02 Heart of Skegness 
TMC03 A Study in Starlets 
TMC04 The Turn of the Knob 
TMC06 Jess Of The B'Ournvil 
Treasure Island 1 
Treasure Island 2 
Treasure Island 3 
Trents Last Case 1 
Trents Last Case 2 
Trents Last Case 3 
Unpleasantness At The Bellona Club - 1 
Unpleasantness At The Bellona Club - 2 
Unpleasantness At The Bellona Club - 3 
Unpleasantness At The Bellona Club - 4 
Unpleasantness At The Bellona Club - 5 
Unpleasantness At The Bellona Club - 6 
Unsuitable Job 4 a Woman 1 
Unsuitable Job 4 a Woman 2 
Unsuitable Job 4 a Woman 3 
Unsuitable Job 4 a Woman 4 
War of the Worlds (Part 1) 
War of the Worlds (Part 2) 
War of the Worlds (Part 3) 
War of the Worlds (Part 4) 
War of the Worlds (Part 5) 
War of the Worlds (Part 6) 
When Snow Lay Round About1 
When Snow Lay Round About2 
When Snow Lay Round About3 
Whose Body p1 
Whose Body p2 
Whose Body p3 
Whose Body p4 
Whose Body p5 

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