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Chandu The Magician

Radio Show: Chandu The Magician

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480628 Frank Chandler Return 
480629 Robert Regent's Secret 
480630 The Psychic Summons 
480701 Off To Egypt 
480702 The Rug Shop 
480705 Hypnotic Persuasion 
480706 Dorothy Is Rescued 
480707 Cab Ride To Cairo 
480708 Message In The Blue Flame 
480709 Journey Up The Nile 
480712 The Pyramid and The Hotel 
480713 Rendezous In The Garden 
480714 Meeting With Princess 
480715 Betty Is Kidnapped 
480716 Ahmed The Fortune Tell 
480719 Nadji And Roxor 
480720 The Hand of Horus 
480721 Spell of The Ancient St 
480722 The Statue's Secret 
480723 Exorcism 
480726 Betty And Bob Disappear 
480727 Secret Door 
480728 Roxor Threatens Death 
480729 Bob Rescued 
480802 Abdullah Disappears 
480803 Emerald Casket 
480804 Disappearing Ink 
480805 Looking For Casket 
480806 Sick Camel 
480809 Trouble With Guides 
480810 Low Water Supply 
480811 Abdullah's Affection 
480812 Gordon Douglas 
480813 Douglas' Diner 
480816 Douglas Is An Imposter 
480817 Finding a Letter 
480818 Nile Curse 
480819 Chandu's Disguise 
480820 Manuscript Found 
480823 Douglas Tells Roxor 
480824 Letter Arrives 
480825 Roxor's Plan 
480826 Fraud's Identity 
480827 Abdullah Stabbed 
480830 Inquest Planned 
480831 Douglas Disappears 
480901 Lost In The Catacombs 
480902 Chandu's Rescue 
480903 Roxor Is Alive 
480906 Chandu Escapes 
480907 Reaching The Ruins 
480908 Judy Allen 
480909 Torture Chamber 
480910 Story Teller 
480913 Cairo Restaurant 
480914 Robert's Ring 
480915 Arenia The Spider 
480916 Curse On Betty 
480917 Ben Ali's Home 
480920 Opening The Letter 
480921 Sonya Shoots Nagi 
480922 Betty And Bob Run 
480923 AreniaIs Shot 
480924 Message For Nagi 
480927 Mirror O fLife 
480928 Roxor Is Killed 
480929 Exploring The Garden 
480930 Family Is Reunited 
481001 Visions Of Disaster 
481004 Danger At Home 
481005 Psychic Communication 
481006 California Intrigue 
481007 Rendevous In Paris 
481008 Spector of The Sword 
481011 The Map In The Wall 
481012 A Gypsy Warning 
481013 At The Ball 
481014 Prince Dimitri 
481015 Incantation Of Evil 
481018 The Intruder 
481019 Meeting With Dimitri 
481020 Ancient History 
481021 Message From Nadji 
481022 The Figurine Of Black Magic 
481025 Meeting With Von Metzo 
481026 Treachery on The Trail 
481027 Off To Paris 
481028 Dorothy In Peril 
481029 In The Caverns Of The Castle 
481101 The Yogi's Warning 
481102 Gypsy Trickery 
481103 The Key 
481104 The Portrait's Secret 
481105 The Man In The Shadows 
481108 The Howling Dog 
481109 The Spy 
481110 Mourning For a King 
481111 New Treachery 
481112 Around The Gypsy Campfire 
481115 Gypsy Warning 
481116 Up The Mountain Of The Scimitar 
481117 The Secret of The Cave 
481118 Black Magic Strikes 
481119 The Letter Is ORO 
481122 Confrontations 
481123 Duel Of The Sorcerers 
481124 The Malevolent Dwarf 
481125 Hypnotic Interrogation 
481126 Surprise Visit 
481129 Plotters Of Death 
481130 Demitri's Offer 
481201 The Letter From Paris 
481202 Return of The Assassin 
481203 The Brothers Of Jeopardy 
481206 Return of Roxor 
481207 Return of The King 
481208 Nadgi's Secret 
481209 The Missing Scientist 
481210 Cafe Of Intrigue 
481213 Psychic Vision 
481214 Strangers On A Train 
481215 Mission To Cairo 
481216 Desert Visitors 
481217 The Story Teller 
481220 Sinister Schemes 
481221 The House Of Fear 
481222 The Return Of The Spide 
481223 Psychic Vision 
481224 Occult Powers 
481227 The Power Of Chandu 
481228 The Yogi Speaks 
481229 The Time Of Terror 
481230 Mystery In Siam 
481231 The Mark Of The Cobra God 
490103 Powerless 
490104 Condemned To Death 
490105 Midnight Trial 
490106 Bob's And Betty's Plan 
490107 Native Treachery 
490110 Dr. Shaw's Secret 
490111 The Dark Clouds Of Fear 
490112 Jungle Exorcism 
490113 Night of The Tiger 
490114 Visitor From Bangkok 
490117 Tiger Hunt 
490118 The Captive Prince 
490119 Rendevous In Calcutta 
490120 Toast To Death 
490121 Deadly Spies 
490124 In The Grip Of Dark Forces 
490125 The Voice Of Chandu 
490126 Struggle In The Dark 
490127 The Mark Of The Cobra God 
490128 Banished To Oblivion 
490203 Black Steps 
490210 Village Of Thieves 
490217 Photographic Memory 
490224 Blood Oath 
490303 Spell Of Kimitri 
490310 Drug Smuggling 
490317 Temple At Karnak 
490324 Temple Under The Sea 
490331 The House of Fear 
490414 The Voice of Darkness 
490421 Ominous Deadly Sahara 
490428 Fog Of Forgotten Valle 
Strange House Of Fear 

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