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Magic Island

Radio Show: Magic Island

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001 Jerry Hall's Proposal 
002 Leaving L.A. for Strange Magic Island 
003 Strange Windstorm 
004 Strange Bank of Fog 
005 Tex Bradford Prepares His Straightoscope 
006 Island in the Viewer 
007 Pulled by a Magnetic Force 
008 Joan Found on Euclidia 
009 G-47 Uses His Ray Gun 
010 False Radio Message 
011 Protection Around the Sub 
012 Island Secrets 
013 Last Radio Message from Magic Island 
014 13 large cave rooms 
015 Joan Stays on the Yacht 
016 Cloth Factory on the Island 
017 Staged Escape Attempt 
018 Soundproof Seaweed Cloth 
019 Homing Pigeon 
020 Pigeons Released 
021 The Secret Formula 
022 Trapped in An Elevator 
023 A Different Formula 
024 Trapped in An Elevator 
025 Elevator Escape 
026 Stolen Oxygen Tank 
027 Battleship Approach 
028 Magic Island Prepares to Submerge 
029 Radio Signals Within the Island 
030 Joan & Jerry Board the Submarine 
031 A Woman Commander 
032 Message to Johnson 
033 Joan and Jerry Ray Gunned 
034 Submarine Heads for Johnson's Ship 
035 Submarine Surfaces to Meet Johnson's Ship 
036 Johnson Speeds Away 
037 Tex Contacts Johnson 
038 Johnson's Ship Runs Out of Fuel 
039 Gregory's Yacht is Pulled Out Into The Light 
040 Commander Talks to Johnson 
041 Everyone Arrives 
042 Mcleod Poses As Johnson 
043 Help from the Sub Commander 
044 The Gas is Released 
045 Jerry & Joan Escape 
046 Transferring Oil 
047 Escape Attempt Tonight 
048 Power Shutdown Plan 
049 Joan Fires at Jerry 
050 Escape from Guard 
051 Ready to Throw Switches 
052 The Alarm Sound 
053 Swim for the Boat 
054 Island Sinks and a Successful 
055 Lighted Buoys Mark the Route 
056 Out of Fuel 
057 Magic Island Sub Catches Up 
058 Sub Tows the Yacht Back to Magic Island 
059 Two Guards Knocked Out 
060 In a Chamber 90 Feet Underground 
061 Island Gets Ready to Move 
062 Chamber Filling with Water 
063 Tex is Ray Gunned 
064 Safe for Three Days 
065 Keystone Notes 
066 Locked in Rooms 
067 Reunited 
068 Stealing a Sub 
069 The Warning Signal 
070 Second Intervals 
071 Attacked from the Air 
072 Seconds for the Combinatin 
073 Protection Around the Sub 
074 Stern Section Dumped Off 
075 Getting Seasick 
076 Another Sub Follows 
077 Tex Tries the Radio 
078 Coded Message. Keynotes Hit 
079 Sailboat Pickup 
080 Sprayed with a Chemical 
081 Rescued by Oil Tanker 
082 Joan & Jerry Stay Behind 
083 Jerry Shows L.A. to Joan 
084 Someone's in the House 
085 Smelling Smoke Alarms Everyone 
086 Planning the Return 
087 Joan is Afraid 
088 Sailing for the Magic Island 
089 Joan Questions the Crew 
090 A Large Bad Storm Causes Problem 
091 Engineer Peterson is Taken Prisoner 
092 Ship Arrives at the Magic Island 
093 The Descent into Modern Atlantis 
094 Everyone Disappears 
095 Questioned by G-47 
096 A Beautiful Apartment 
097 Large Cave Rooms 
098 Old Skipper Found Caring for Animals 
099 Meeting Master Builder 
100 Artificial Volcano Eruption 
101 Ship Moved Away 
102 Comparing Notes 
103 The Pigeons 
104 Talk About Future Plans 
105 Jerry & Tex Disappear 
106 Listening to Radio Broadcast 
107 Aboard a Test Rocket Plane 
108 A Test Flight 
109 Instruments Have Failed 
110 Rocket Plane Down in the Water 
111 All Four are Rescued 
112 Elaine Has a New Home 
113 An Airlock is Discovered 
114 Making Escape Plans 
115 A Keystone Note Demonstration 
116 Tex is Suspicious of Elaine 
117 Daring Escape Attempt 
118 Landing on Lake Hollywood 
119 A Second Return is Planned 
120 Tex Takes Off with Elaine and is Seen 
121 Stopping Reporters Story 
122 Tex & Elaine Control Euclidia 
123 Motor Almost Dead 
124 Island Being Raised 
125 They are Sinking 
126 On a Life Raft 
127 G-47 Surrenders 
128 End 

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